Workflow and Process Automation

Simplify the complex business processes by breaking them down and implement automation to gain higher productivity

Create custom workflow for any defined process with automatic organizing of documents along the process with ease.
Create custom queues to get work completed by teams with automatic distribution and bring structure to organization.

FlowRocket offers“No code” solution for custom workflow and work queue creation, management, continuous learning and improvement.

A workflow can be configured to start from a simple to-do, task, email or document and continues thru’ its route as configured without writing a single line of code. Work Queues can be configured for the tasks executed by anyone from the team. Tasks in a queue can be distributed automatically with built in intelligence. Execution of the tasks is measured live and key performance indicators guides you for continuous improvement. All of which can be configured and changed as you learn and improve, without writing a line of code.

Create Custom Workflow without a need of a programmer

Identify your process to automate, break it down into logical steps and define your evidence/documents storage file structure & configure in FlowRocket. You have your workflow ready for use.

  • Workflow starts from to-do, task, document or email
  • Proprietary PDF viewer allows you to select pages from a large document
  • Automatic reminders and notifications to users or teams involved in Workflow
  • Workflow Documents are organized in defined structure automatically without any extra effort and available to search and access at anytime from anywhere

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Create Work Queues to carry tasks by teams

Any team can create a Work Queue of their own on FlowRocket platform. Create tasks/tickets/requests in the queue and next available team member can take care of the request in the queue.

  • Work Queues are efficient and transparent way of executing tasks by any member of the team
  • Some example of Work Queues are
    • Bug Tracking in Software Development
    • Customer Support Tickets tracking
    • Requests for Human Resources or Operations Department
    • Internal IT HelpDesk Requests handling
  • Configure intelligent and automatic distribution of tickets to team members

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Achieve automation with “FlowIn”

Heighten your productivity with FlowIn configuration. “FlowIn” handles incoming email intelligently and automatically.

  • Configure any email address for auto handling of incoming messages
  • Create your own rules for execution
  • Create ticket or request to any queue from incoming email
  • Create tasks automatically for any individual or for any project
  • File emails and documents in an organized structure automatically
  • Manage Key client requests at priority level by providing them dedicated email for servicing. FlowIn enables you to bring your client servicing to a different level

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Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators, On-the-Go! & On-the-Desktop!

Any time. Anywhere. Your Work In Progress is in front of you. FlowRocket filters your incoming information and highlights what matters the most for you.

  • Custom widgets and dashboards to choose from
  • Dedicated Workflow widgets by status to see your Work In Progress pipeline and choke points
  • Ready to go Key Performance Indicators analyzes data and identifies the area for continuous improvements and optimization
  • On-the-Go! mobile application lets you access your complete data from iOS or Android based tablets or smart phones. And allows you to take any action
  • On-the-Desktop! Is a desktop application that extends your PC to Microsoft Office to FlowRocket. Synchronize your work automatically to FlowRokcket. And, file your emails, contacts and calendars to FlowRocket with ease

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In my search of Workflow Automation and Document Processing platform, FlowRocket came out to be the most versatile, easy to configure and very reasonably priced. The technical team is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They turn around things quickly, when we demanded customization. It was a very pleasant experience working with them thru’ implementation of the system and training. We migrated all of our data from past twenty years of business and from number of quirky systems. Our document processing is completely automated and are expected to eliminate a lot unavoidable errors and frustrations, let alone a huge saving in employee time.

  Business Analyst, Property & Casualty Insurance Company

We automated seventeen of our internal processes using FlowRocket’s Workflow Automation and Queue Management tools. It was extremely simple for us to configure it on our won, once we had a good understanding of the tools. Training was very detailed and helpful. We are planning to automate many more processes on the platform once we define and to increase our efficiency. Documents are well organized on cloud and can be accessed on tablets and mobile devices. FlowRocket support has been amazing with a friendly knowledgeable staff, always eager to help.

  Accountant Manager, Leading Accounting Company