Third Party Integrations

No jumping through hoops for information gathering or going through the pain of multiple data entries.

FlowRocket’s open architecture allows you to integrate practically any application you may wish, with standard and commonly used data exchange means. We have numerous commonly used applications already integrated on FlowRocket platform that may not have been listed on the website, so do not hesitate to ask us.

What are third party integrations?

FlowRocket cloud platform is built on state of the art, leading edge technology commonly used for web applications. Our best-in-class open architecture with few hundreds of APIs, web services and micro services allow third party application integration easy. Single Sign On integration makes the user authentication experience seamless with FlowRocket platform.

Integrate Marketing Activities

FlowRocket platform integrates seamlessly with popular marketing tools and services. Such integrations allow marketing team to leverage the power of external products and services while working within FlowRocket framework.

  • MailChimp integration allows tracking of email campaigns with marketing and sales activities
  • Measure success of email campaigns with Open & Click Thru’ rates
  • Conduct A/B Testing and marketing trials
  • Evaluate the interest on marketed contents and specific web pages
  • Leadfeeder integration gives insight into the activities on your website by your prospects
  • FlowRocket automatically logs the site navigating details of particular users from your
    addressbook in their activity history
  • Turbo-boost your marketing and sales conversion with FlowRocket integrations

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Integrate Project Management Activities

If your organization uses Atlassian Jira products for development tracking. No worries! All that development & release data will be synchronized automatically with your FlowRocket platform.

  • One-time Secure mapping of your Jira instance with FlowRocket
  • Automatic updates of projects, issues and releases for ever as scheduled
  • Infinite ability to setup mapping and schedules without a need for customization
  • Leverage powerful resource management capabilities of FlowRocket platform and bring productivity to next level
  • Deliver your projects on-time & in budget
  • Track Risks, Dependencies, WIP and much more for effectiveness
  • FlowRocket Leading Indicators will put Jira Project Management on steroid

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Financial Data Integration

Synchronize your financial data between FlowRocket & your financials tracking software or platform.

  • QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct, NetSuite
  • Integrate any Financial System with any piece of information for synchronization between two platforms
  • Invoices, Bills, Vendor Payments, Credit Memos, and much more
  • Bring your financial transaction history to Operational system without compromising data security for greater insight to right users without giving them access to Financial Systems
  • No need for duplicate data entries and possibilities of human errors

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Website and CMS Integration

Integrate your website in any ways or with any technology you like, to achieve greater achievements with automation quick turn-around.

  • Irrespective of custom website or any Content Management Software like Sitefinity, FlowRocket integrates easily with your website
  • Integrates your website with API Calls, Web Forms, Web Services and many technical ways
  • Offer secure upload and download documents to your clients and vendors without signing up with another subscriber
  • Create & offer Client or Vendor Portals per your needs
  • Achieve higher efficiency with automation and bring Customer Service to next level
  • Reduce calls on status updates and offer any-time, from-any-where information access to clients and vendors
  • Never miss a single lead from website by receiving it instantly on FlowRocket’s CRM module

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Custom and Other Application Integrations

FlowRocket integration efforts are on-going.We add more and more integrations every day that might not have been listed on our website. So, feel free to ask us, if you like to know about the possibility of integration with the platform or the software of your choice.

  • IBM FileNet, Faxination, RightFax, OpenText, VantagePoint, Cannex, Bridger Insight, Accenture Quote In a Box, Capture Plus are to name some of the integrations that our clients have enjoyed besides the usual and most popular ones
  • FlowRocket platform has over 300 well documented APIs and number web services in an open architecture to make the integration process a cakewalk
  • FlowRocket has ready to go XML and EDI integrations
  • Talk to us. If it doesn’t exist, we will make that happen at no extra cost to you

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FlowRocket’s CRM and Project Management software has worked best for us as we were using Jira for development tracking and MailChimp for email marketing. Jira has a limited to none resource management capabilities, which was really hampering our productivity. FlowRocket’s seamless integration with Jira synchronizes project data without any intervention. Project insights and resource utilization capabilities of FlowRocket is outstanding and has increased our productivity by n-folds. Our marketing department loves the MailChimp and Leadfeeder integration along with tracking all activities on a unified platform.

  Chief Technology Officer, Software Development Company

SAML based Single Sign On integration with FlowRocket was done within minutes. We also used electronic Fax integration as well as Microsoft Office Tools integration, which made our end-users life so easy. FlowRocket’s API and Web Services based open architecture allows them to integrate with nearly any home grown application. Implementation team was extremely efficient in integration matters and integration efforts were pain free.

  VP, Technology, Leading Insurance Company