Service Call Management

Stay on top of your Service Level Agreement with the best-in-class Service Call Management platform integrated with your CRM and Project Management.

“Track. Measure. Improve.” is the mantra we live by. FlowRocket platform will allow you to do that well, also. The biggest issue with alternative Service Call solutions is a seamless connection between CRM and Project Management systems. Talk to us to see how we have leveraged the power of that integration.

Manage your KAMP (Key Account Management Practice) activities for your premium client Or treat all of your clients as Premium Client.

FlowRocket allows you to build your own Key Account Management Practice blueprint on a unified business operating platform. Our Service Call Management solution ties service calls to development/manufacturing/servicing, all the way to quality and training. Key Performance Indicators enables you to learn and improve. In turn, this lowers calls and increases client satisfaction.

Build your world class Service Desk with “no code” on FlowRocket

From building custom queues for service/key client to tracking Root Cause Analysis and Lesson Learnt, FlowRocket’s Service Call Management solution allows you to build your agile Service Desk with ease.

  • Create a follow-the-sun model for 24x7x365 support with ease leveraging technology and automation
  • Track the relation of calls to delivery, enhancement, training or any other custom category
  • Track Root-Cause-Analysis for learning and improving
  • Build Knowledge Center for your clients to reduce service calls
  • Build dashboards with widgets & KPIs to improve client satisfaction
  • Collect Customer Feedback and build top-notch service to be a leader

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Achieve automation with “FlowIn”

Heighten your productivity with FlowIn configuration. “FlowIn” handles incoming email intelligently and automatically.

  • Configure any email address for auto handling of incoming messages
  • Assign dedicated email addresses to your Key Accounts
  • Create your own rules for execution
  • Create service tickets or requests to any queue from incoming email
  • Create tasks automatically for any individual or for any project
  • File emails and documents in an organized structure automatically
  • Handle automatic distribution of service calls among team members based on the nature of calls and AI driven algos
  • Manage Key client requests at priority level by providing them dedicated email for servicing. FlowIn enables you to bring your client servicing to a different level

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Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators, On-the-Go! & On-the-Desktop!

Any time. Anywhere. Your Calls and Work In Progress is in front of you. FlowRocket filters your incoming information and highlights what matters the most for you.

  • Custom widgets and dashboards to choose from
  • Dedicated Service Call widgets by status to see your service call pipeline and choke points
  • Ready to go Key Performance Indicators analyzes the nature of your service calls and identifies the area for continuous improvements and optimization
  • On-the-Go! mobile application lets you access your complete data from iOS or Android based tablets or smart phones. And allows you to take any action
  • On-the-Desktop! Is a desktop application that extends your PC to Microsoft Office to FlowRocket. Synchronize your work automatically to FlowRokcket. And, file your service call related emails, contacts and calendars to FlowRocket with ease

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Configuring custom status and pipeline for resolution was easy. Integrated our website forms to generate automatic tickets for our team. Automatic distribution of service calls is fantastic. We are able to meet our Service Level Agreement to 100% and closing tickets faster than ever. Customer satisfaction is record high and are able to keep tickets to manageable number. Dashboards and KPIs have helped us manage our service calls with ease. We have been able to manage 7×24 support with minimum staff and save a lot of cost.

  VP, QA & Tech Support,  Software Development Company

The biggest thing for us was an ability to manage decisions from mobile devices. We were able to produce meaningful reports on service and training calls for our customers. Customers were happy with portal access and ability to get insight on the status of their calls. Tracking Root-Cause-Analysis and learning from history has reduced our operational and systems cost. Giving access to Knowledge Center to customers have reduced number of calls for us. FlowRocket have exceeded our expectations configuring their platform to accommodate our unique needs.

  Director, Operations & Service, Automation & Control System Solutions