Retirement of Legacy Applications

Let us do, what we are good at, while you do what you are good at, which is serving your clients, creating best in class products-and-services & growing your business!

More often than not, we run into a situation with our prospects as well as existing clients who has a desperate need of retiring applications that they have been using for years for number of reasons. While FlowRocket is a highly configurable All-in-one Business Operating Platform in cloud, retiring legacy applications and integrating that into FlowRocket ecosystem is something that we do the best.

Why should the Retirement of Legacy Application be considered?

In the fast pace world of internet, bitcoin, artificial intelligence, machine learning & deep learning; it is difficult to cop up with “what is what”, “what is good & what is not”, “what is real & what is hoax”; let alone catching up with growing competition, thinning margins, rising customer expectations and globalization challenges! While any and all application change its course and underlying structure every three to five years, do you really want to take up a challenge to build your own, maintain & keep up? Do you want to continue to take a chance of learning technology to make a decision between leading edge and bleeding edge! More and more organizations have learnt the lesson in a hard way. If you think that you need to evaluate your course of action in this direction, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss logical options at no cost or obligation on your part. We love challenges and feel good when we create value for you.

Obsolete & Non-supported Technology

By this time, we all have experienced that it doesn’t take more than five years for new technology to replace the old one. Maintaining obsolete technology is so much more expensive in long run than it seems early on.

  • Higher upfront capital cost
  • Higher on-going infrastructure cost
  • Underlying software and hardware platform becomes non-supportive by vendors
  • Valuable corporate data is held hostage
  • Scalability for further requirements may be dead
  • Capacity to grow from where you are is non-existent

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Dependency on Employee or Consultants

Often legacy applications are built by an enthusiastic employee early on as a side job, out of passion and having technology as a second nature. Over the course, either the passion dies, or time becomes more valuable!

  • Business Risk is high when corporation is dependent on a single employee
  • Contractor can throttle the growth of business
  • Enhancement requests takes months to get fulfilled
  • No documentation and poor support
  • Scalability of the application and growth of business demands a complete overhaul of the application
  • It’s time to move on!

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Disconnection from other Current Applications& Mobile Readiness

Legacy applications are identified when they are not kept up, in pace with rest of the applications in the organization.

  • Data integration efforts to new environment doesn’t make sense
  • Underlying development platform is being replaced
  • Interoperability with other applications is impossible
  • No possibilities to extend the application to operate on mobile platforms
  • Connectivity, fluidness of data and availability at anytime from anywhere is a necessity and not a luxury any more
  • No-one likes to take ownership of upkeeping& business users are suffering

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Why us?

We are on the mission to double the productivity. FlowRocket’s Business Operating Platform allows automation of processes; as well as capturing and accessing of business data a breeze. This is what we love to do and we are good at it. So, let us take your technology worries, while you focus on growing your business with confidence in partner who wants to grow with you and who your business can depend on.

  • No hardware. No software. No maintenance. No backup. No upgrades. No employee training. – to worry about
  • No upfront or capital cost. Pay as you go and as you use
  • Prove the use first and pay later
  • Rely on a trustworthy and committed vendor
  • Committed to technology upkeeping
  • Guaranteed performance, data security and 7×24 support
  • Unlimited expansion and scalability with business growth
  • Eliminate the business risk of legacy applications
  • Retire as many legacy applications as you like to remove dependency on multiple parties on a single platform
  • Realize significant cost savings immediately and year after year

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We tried developing a solution for over two years with our in-house engineering team and could not make our business users happy. FlowRocket came in took our Lotus based custom applications and converted into cloud based Workflow solution on their platform. FlowRocket solution exceeded our business users expectations, since it not only retired our outdated and legacy application but it also addressed their long-awaited wish list. FlowRocket migrated over fifteen years of old data from Lotus systems. We are very happy to move to the vendor supported cloud based platform which is kept up with technological advancements and continues to add new functionality. We are considering to move more legacy applications on the same platform for the sake of simplicity of maintenance and automatic integration of the data on a unified platform.

  VP, Technology, Leading Insurance Company

We had bunch of MS Access, VB.Net and SharePoint based applications with Excel based processes. The developers had left the organization, end-users enhancement were getting queued up and unsupported technology made it impossible to find a path forward. FlowRocket platform retired all of those legacy applications, improved processes and configured a lot of automation to business activities. Reporting and data analytics capabilities are outstanding. Technical team and business analysts are extremely competent and suggested lot of improvements to our legacy applications and processes. End users are very pleased.

  Director, Leading Government Contractor