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Time Management

How do I get a demo of WIP for time management?
How long the demo will last?
Is there any limitation on number of users and time for the demo?
Will I be charged automatically at the end of the trial period?
I want to set WIP on in house local server, is it possible?
How do I access the timesheet approval screen for my team?
How can I pass on the rights to approve my team's timesheet while I am on vacation/sick leaves?
How secure the software is? If, it is not hosted on my local server, where does the data reside of my people's time and task?
Do I need to buy SSO for my company's data or is it included in subscription cost?
How often do you back up the data in WIP?
If I need, how can I take a back up of my people's timesheets and tasks done on my local server/system?
Does it support Single Sign On (SSO)?
Integration with Billing System
Can WIP timesheet integrate with my existing billing and/or accounting system?
Can it generate invoice through timesheet?
If I have a new hire, how do I add an employee to the system?
If an employee leaves, how do I deactivate his user?
If I terminate an employee and delete its user, does it affect his existing timesheet and already billed hours?
How do I add an employee in an on going project?
Can I add an external user as a billable resource?
How does an external user record his timesheet and is synced with the project billing?
How do I distinguish between internal user's hours and external user's hours?
Once billed, if I make any changes to the timesheet, does it make any difference in the existing billed project?
Can I
Once I submit my timesheet, can I make any changes?
Can I submit more time than is allocated?
What is the difference between saving timesheet and submitting timesheet?
Can I make any changes in my saved timesheet?
How do I submit a prior period's timesheet?
Can I copy an existing timesheet to my today's timesheet?
If I have worked on a task that is not in my assigned task list, how can I add such task to submit time for the same?
How do I keep track of nonproductive hours like breaks, meetings, leaves, holidays, etc.
If I work on a holiday or on my off day, how do I submit my timesheet for working on an off day?
Can I fill and submit my timesheet from outside office premise?
How do I change my In time and/or Out Time?
How can I find an old timesheet which is already submitted?
How do I get to know if my timesheet is rejected?
How do I change the details on my rejected timesheet?
How do I get to know, if any of mine or my team's timesheet is missing?
Upto what extent I can find my old timesheet? Is there any limitation on historic data?
Can time sheet directly be exported to Payroll or Accounting software? / QuickBooks?
How much data I can export at a time?
Do my staff need a lot of training?
What all information can I track through timesheet?
Start and end time (in 15 minute increments)
Category (ie: "Meeting", "Development")
Type (ie: "Billable", "Scheduled")
Task (or sub-task)
Comment field
Optional JIRA ID
Tags (ie: "Invoice Number")
Locked state (editable by Administrators)
What browsers are supported?
What is the minimum time one has to put to submit a timesheet? What is the minimum duration of the time entry?
Is there a mobile version or mobile app available?
What types of permissions does WIP have?