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Structured Settlement Brokerage Solution

Is the system security compliant?
Yes. FlowRocket complies with all US government regulations for document and record security, and retention. In fact, our compliance with electronic document management makes us a very popular solution for our clients.
• Can FlowRocket generate all kind of proposals and documents on a structured settlement case?

Yes, FlowRocket is capable to generate all kind of proposals and documents for your claimant client in your stationery in the format that is approved and consistent with NSSTA guidelines. You can define your templates in advance for the documents like

  • SAR
  • Case InTake Form
  • Case Receipt Thank you Letter
  • Commission Sharing Agreement
  • Introduction Letter
  • Engagement Letter
  • Proposal
  • Structure Attorney Fee Letters
  • … many more
Can I track and document all Completion Requirement to get the Funding in the system?
Yes, you can track all completion requirement documents for each case at micro level and for all cases at dashboard level.
Can I split commission with another broker on a case?
Yes, as a business practice, FlowRocket keeps your business practice flexible enough to split your commission on a case.
Can I track the receipt of a commission from Provider as well as alliance in case of a split commission?
Yes, the commission can not only be recorded but can also be tracked with receipts. The details of receipts can also be tracked with all minute details of date and check number.
Can I have the Structured Settlement Proposal signed and accepted digitally?
Yes, the purpose of the system is to Go Digital and paper free. Not only you can generate and share proposals but you can have them digitally accepted or rejected with a digital signature.