All-in-one Business Operating System is what you need for Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Project Management, Workflow Management, Service Call Management, Quality Assurance Management and Business Process Automation. Stop paying multiple subscriptions and dealing with clunky integrations. Try FlowRocket’s cloud based modular solution for FREE until you decide to buy.

New Business

Can the system be integrated with Quoting and Medical Underwriting system?

Yes. It is one in all system integrated at each stage of Structured Settlement case life cycle. From a Rated Age Request, Medical Underwriting to Contracts Management level. Input in either system will update the other system with real time integration as they both are on same platform.

Fully integrated solution from Quoting to Contract Management

  • Cloud based Medical Underwriting
  • Cloud based Contract Administration with Client Servicing portal
  • Cloud based New Business CRM system
  • Desktop Quoting connected to Cloud based Home Office System
  • iOS and Android based Quoting connected to Home Office System
Is it security compliant?
Yes. FlowRocket complies with all US government regulations for document and record security, and retention. In fact, our compliance with electronic document management makes us a very popular solution for our clients.
Can FlowRocket generate reports for Actuaries?
Yes. FlowRocket captures, track and manage all details and information of a Structure Settlement Annuity Case. Library at Embedded analytics has detailed reports for all and everything that Actuaries are looking for.
Can FlowRocket track Annuity and Commission for each case historically?
Yes. All histories can be tracked on one system and database. You don’t have to worry about storage limitation. All details of annuity, commission, documents and rated age can be stored and tracked in one central location