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Executive Workstation

What is Earned Premium?
What is the difference between Written Premium and Earned Premium?
What is Loss Ratio?
Can FlowRocket track historical Policy and Claims Documents?
Yes. FlowRocket is a system of records and you don’t have to worry about the storage space or time limitation on how much data can be stored on FlowRocket. When you generate one policy or initiate a claim through FlowRocket, the system also pulls and bring all historical data and information of that policy since inception and store it along with the policy and the claim.
Can FlowRocket calculate real time Earned Premium and Loss Ratio?
Yes. As FlowRocket is integrated with Policy and Claims Administrative systems real time. The system not only stores data but it also calculates all relevant fields for Earner Premium and Loss Ratio real time.
As a CEO, can I dig into the furthest details for any earned premium or Loss Ratio?
Yes. On any widgets or reports, you can dig into the nth level since inception to get any and all details are captured and tracked for you to get a clear picture of the business with the data.