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Electronic Policy Delivery

What is Electronic Policy Delivery?
Traditionally, all insurance policy related documents were printed out of Policy Administration System and mailed out to Insureds for their records. FlowRocket integrates with your Policy Administration System and generates the Policy Docket along with the invoice and state approved coverage forms. You can then securely email a downloadable link of the policy docket generated by FlowRocket to your agents and insureds on an email without worrying about printing and mailing.
Is it Cost saving sharing policy documents electronically rather than via paper mail?
Yes. It saves a lot of time of Underwriters or Admin staff to print invoice, policy documents and coverage forms from different systems, compile them and do a review of accuracy of information. It also saves a lot of cost on Paper, Printing and Mailing. Thus, not just cost saving but it also saves lot of other resources.
Is FlowRocket integrated with Policy Administrative System?
Yes. We integrate with Policy Administration System real time and any updates in Policy Administrative system will immediately also reflect on FlowRocket. You never have to worry about inaccurate or old information on FlowRocket.
Can FlowRocket keep a track of historical and current coverage forms by line of business?
Yes. FlowRocket is a system of records and you don’t have to worry about the storage space or time limitation on how much data can be stored on FlowRocket. When you generate one policy through FlowRocket, the system also pulls and bring all historical data and information of that policy since inception and store it along with the policy.
Can FlowRocket generate Policy Documents in our stationery and format?
Yes. FlowRocket gives the flexibility to your business. At the time of implementation, we define the templates for each document that needs to be generated. The templates are defined based on your approved stationery and format of the document that you have been using since years. FlowRocket doesn’t cut the consistency of your business and gives you utmost flexibility to define your own template for each documents.