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Document Management System

Is FlowRocket compliant with HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and FINRA regulations for document security, audit trail and retention?
Yes. FlowRocket complies with all US government regulations for document and record security, and retention. In fact, our compliance with electronic document management makes us a very popular solution for clients in the financial services, healthcare and legal industries.
Can FlowRocket convert MS Word, Excel or HTML documents into PDF documents?
Yes, users can easily convert any printable document into a PDF document.
Can I scan a document as either a PDF or TIF image document?
Yes, you can scan documents as either PDF or TIFF image documents.
Are documents stored in proprietary format in FlowRocket ECM?
No, all documents remain unchanged when they are copied to the FlowRocket database from their original format. Computer-generated documents are stored in their native format and images are stored as standard TIFF files viewable on any Windows PC using the operating system's own imaging system. You can export or email a document from FlowRocket and any user with a Windows PC and the document's source program installed can open, view and edit it.
Can FlowRocket compress images?
Yes, FlowRocket uses state-of-the-art industry compression techniques on scanned documents. A page of black and white text using compression will be approximately 25-50 KB, allowing you to store millions of documents on a single hard drive.
Can I merge documents in FlowRocket?
Yes, a user can merge multiple file types into a compound PDF document, or merge multiple TIFF images into a multi-page TIFF document.
What types of documents can be stored in FlowRocket?
Any computer-generated file or scanned-in image can be stored in FlowRocket. If the document is a computer-generated file (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WAV, MPG, etc.) it will be opened for viewing and editing by its source program, as long as the source program has been installed on that local computer and is the file type that is registered in the Windows Registry. An image file is viewed and annotated using the built-in FlowRocket image viewer.
Can I create a logical folder structure based on my organization needs?
Yes, FlowRocket's easy-to-use but robust Library tree allows users to create Cabinets, Drawers and Folders just as they would in their real-world office environment.
What is Access Control Level?
FlowRocket utilizes a powerful security methodology for users and groups that allows an administrator to set user permissions based on the user login for nearly every function of the program. Automatic log-off after a defined period of inactivity further assures the confidentiality of your stored documents.
Can I restrict a document to be accessible to a specific colleague/manager/teammate?
Yes, FlowRocket allows you to have a custom access control level set up on any document(s).
Can I sort and group my documents?
Yes, you can sort fields by either ascending or descending order, and group and sub-group the contents of a folder or query list by index fields. In addition, you can add summary fields for sum, count, minimum, maximum, etc.
Is there any limitation on a document’s physical size?
No. In fact, we have many clients that have stored documents with as many as 3,000 pages within a single document.
Can I add searchable comments or notes to a document?
Yes, using the Description Field or any of the user-defined memo fields, you can add notes or comments. Notes or comments entered into any of these fields can then be searchable using a full-text search.
Can I OCR my documents and search through the full text?
Yes, FlowRocket provides you with built-in optical character recognition (OCR). OCR can be performed on a scanned-in or imported image document for a full text search of a document's contents. You can search the full text content of any electronic documents (Word, Excel, CAD, etc.) as well as for the OCR text.
Does FlowRocket provide check-in/check-out functionality?
Yes. Using the check-in/check-out feature of the program, users can check out a document and enter a message that is viewed by users who request that document. When another user requests that document, a dialogue box appears with a note from the editor who checked the document out. A checked out document can be viewed but not edited until it is checked back in by the editor.
Can I export my documents from FlowRocket into a Windows folder?
Yes. FlowRocket allows you to export a single document or even all of the documents in your Cabinet simultaneously into a Windows folder. We also provide the functionality to use your index data to create a logical file name for your exported documents.
Is there any limitation on number of documents I can store?
No, each FlowRocket Cabinet is its own separate database, as is each Drawer within the cabinet, and it can store up to 4 GB of documents. You can create an unlimited number of Cabinets and Drawers within each Cabinet. The only limitation is the amount of storage available in your own computer system.
Can more than one user search for and view a document at the same time?
Using FlowRocket's Enterprise version, multiple users can add new documents or search and view documents at the same time.
Can I add annotations to a document?
Yes, FlowRocket comes with a full set of annotation tools including a highlighter, redaction, hyperlink, rubber stamp, etc. for use with images. For PDF documents, you will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer.
Can I save email directly to FlowRocket?
Yes. You can use either the FlowRocket/Microsoft Integration with Outlook or the FlowRocket PDF print driver from other email programs to save your emails.
Does FlowRocket maintain an audit trail on every document?
Yes. FlowRocket keeps an audit trail on every document, known as the Document Event Log. The Document Event Log tracks every action taken on a document, stamping it with the event date and time, and the name of the operator who performed the action. Beyond that, FlowRocket also provide a Library Event Log with data on every action taken on every document in the Library, that can be used to create reports and track user activity.