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Claims Workstation

Can we track historical claims records?
Yes. FlowRocket is a system of records and you don’t have to worry about the storage space or time limitation on how much data can be stored on FlowRocket. When you generate one policy or initiate a claim through FlowRocket, the system also pulls and bring all historical data and information of that policy since inception and store it along with the policy and the claim.
Can we track claims that are not paid?
Yes. There are KPI and widgets enabled dashboard that give you quick access to the Claims that are not paid.
Can we track Loss Reserves?
Yes. The widgets also gives you a breakdown and details of the Loss Reserves, payment made out of the reserves and what is still outstanding.
Can we track and dig into Claims in Litigation?
Yes. There are specific reports and widget on your dashboard on the system that gives you the details of Claims in Litigation with detailed tracking of a litigation case at each stage of the case.
Can we track and dig into Paid Claims with details by Line of Business and Claims Adjuster?
Yes. You can group/regroup the widgets and KPI by Line of Business and/or Claims Adjusters. You can dig into paid claims by line of business with a single click on the drill down.
Is the system integrated with Policy and Claims Administrative System?
Yes. We integrate with Policy and Claims Administration System real time and any updates in Policy or Claims Administrative system will immediately also reflect on FlowRocket. You never have to worry about inaccurate or old information on FlowRocket.