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Backoffice, Annuity Management

Who can use BackOffice and Annuity Management?
Life Insurance Company who provides and sell Structured Settlement Annuity, can use Backoffice and Annuity Administration for Contract Administration, Documentation, Funding Tracking, Commission Tracking and Annuity Payments Management.
Is it all integrated with Medical Underwriting system?
Yes. It is one in all system integrated at each stage of Structured Settlement case life cycle. From a Rated Age Request, Medical Underwriting to Contracts Management level. Input in either system will update the other system with real time integration as they both are on same platform.
Can we track funding and payments for each Annuity sold?
Yes. Premium and the payments schedule can be documented and tracked well with in the system with an integration available with Accounts department
Is the System HIPPA and security compliant?
Yes. FlowRocket complies with all US government regulations for document and record security, and retention. In fact, our compliance with electronic document management makes us a very popular solution for our clients.
Can management define their own KPIs and track them with the business cycle of an Annuity?
Yes. At the time of implementation and even as you use system more and more, as a user you can define your KPI that you want to track and manage based on your priorities.