All-in-one Business Operating Platform is what you need for Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Project Management, Workflow Management, Service Call Management, Quality Assurance Management and Business Process Automation. Stop paying multiple subscriptions and dealing with clunky integrations. Try FlowRocket’s cloud based modular solution for FREE until you decide to buy.

Our "Work in Progress" software engine is extensive and allows us and our clients achieve enormous amount of workflow automation and digitization. It allows our clients to get relief from legacy systems like Lotus Notes, Main Frame, in-house-built applications, SharePoint as well as patchy integrated solutions that are built over time and processes that are developed over spread-sheets. With simple configuration, i.e. without a need for any programming, we can develop evergreen cloud based system for our clients in just about any industry.

Our solutions are cloud based, secured and fully compliant. So, you don’t need any investment in hardware, software, storage, backup, disaster recovery plan, upgrades or technology personnel and of course, the up keeping of all.

See below overview of some of our most popular solutions that our clients are happily enjoying. If you’ve any question, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer. If you don’t see a solution specific to your industry or if you have custom processes, don’t worry as our solutions are always configured specificly to our clients’ custom requirements even though the underlying software engine remains the same.

Medical Underwriting

For Underwriting Team at Structured Settlement Annuity Providers

  • Digital Work Queue
  • Centralized Database driven System
  • Collaborative Rating Activity
  • Real time Embedded Analytics

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    Customer Relationship Management

    For Sales Team at any Organization any Industry

  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Activities Tracking
  • Real time Embedded Analytics

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    Settlement Planners' Workflow

    For Structured Settlement Brokers

  • Structured Settlement Case Management System
  • Funding Management
  • Commission Management
  • Real time Embedded Analytics

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    Underwriting Workstation

    For Underwriters at Mutual Insurance Companies

  • Template based Proposal Generation
  • Automatic Renewal Reminders
  • Business Retention Analytics
  • New Business Analytics

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    Claims Workstation

    For Claims Professionals at Insurance Companies or TPAs

  • Claims Tracker
  • First Payments & State Reporting
  • Loss Ratio Analytics
  • Claims in Litigation & Arbitration

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    Electronic Policy Delivery

    For Underwriting Team at Insurance Companies

  • Get Policy from Policy Administration System
  • Share the Policy Documents with Agents Electronically
  • Historic Policy Details and Communication
  • Fully Compliant, Secured and Saves thousands!

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    Embedded Analytics for Insurers

    For Top Management at Insurance Companies

  • New Business Analytics
  • Earned Premium Analytics
  • Loss Ratio Analytics
  • Claims Breakdown
  • Actuarial Analytics

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    Agency Portal

    For Insurance Company and their Agents

  • Self Service Portal
  • Real-time Status on Quote Requests
  • Access to Policy Documents
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Online Claims Reporting

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    Insurance Agents' Workflow

    For Insurance Agents

  • Complete Policy and Clients Management System
  • Document Management
  • Premium Tracking
  • Commission Management
  • Claims Management

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    Project Management for Software Development and Consulting Services

    For Software Development and Consulting Companies

  • 360 View of Work In Progress
  • Bug & Service Call Tracking
  • Real-time and automated "Time" Tracking
  • Invoicing & Expenses / Bills Tracking

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    Supply Chain Management Solution

    For Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturers and Wholesalers

  • Product Management
  • Rebate Management/ Charge back Validation
  • Contracts Management
  • Discounts Management
  • Real-time Business Analytics

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    Audit Management & Documentation

    For Accountants and Auditors

  • Digital Work Queue
  • Collaborative Audit Tasks
  • Historical Audit Documentation
  • Digital Review Process
  • Bookkeeping Workflow

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