Dedicated Development Team Provisioning

Enlarge your development capabilities by hiring a team of dedicated developers with us.

Need to execute at speed and scale? Hire a Dedicated team with FlowRocket!

Our dedicated development team hire model not only brings you the perks of tight cooperation with us but also makes you stay in the same agreement.

● Long-term cooperation ● Expand your in-house team ● New technical or domain expertise

Why hire Dedicated Resources from FlowRocket?

Software projects often string behind because organizations try to utilize in-house resources that fail to drive enterprise-grade solutions with precision while the business ends up paying for hardware, software, and additional benefits to employees.

Hiring a dedicated development team is hiring masters of digital transformation who would build tailored solutions that suit your business needs.

With a team of 50+ experts, FlowRocket understands the philosophy of your business and drives smart strategies, enabling your shift from legacy systems to modern interfaces with unique precision.

Hire a dedicated development team with FlowRocket and multiply your digital efforts with its matchless competence!

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Dedicated development team model Strengths

Relevant expertise

We will assemble the team according to your requirements, and the specific expertise you’re looking for.

Ease of expanding

Dedicated development team size can be easily scaled up and down depending upon the scope of work.


It’s easy to pick the most convenient model and distribute resources with flexible payment terms.

Full control

Get full control of managing the dedicated developer’s team and complete transparency of the processes.

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How it works

Our multi-steps assembling process provides you with the best resources that meet your project requirement.

Gathering requirements

We hold a series of meetings to clarify the project details, and requirements for the team to work with.

Assembling a team

Assemble a team of developers based on your requirement and choose the right talents you’d like to work with as your team.

Onboarding and development

On the onboarding of dedicated developers, the developers will read the documents to get familiarized with the scope of work and deadlines before the development process begins.

Scale up or down

Depending on the project’s position, you can scale up and down the dedicated team.

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Why Choose Us

We follow a multi-step assembling process to provide you with the best-dedicated development team that meets your requirements.
  • Agile development team full of high-tier experts
  • On-demand team scaling
  • Faster integration into existing development workflows
  • Strong technical expertise across all industries
  • Huge talent pool to choose
  • For ease of communication, experience with Jira-like project management tools
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement on request
  • Full management control over the resources

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What we Offer


Mobile UI/UX design
Web design

Thoughtful and delightful design is something that makes digital solutions stand out from the crowd. So we at FlowRocket assembled a team of the best UI/UX designers who will help you create the most unique look and feel for your project.


Mobile development
Front-end development
Back-end development

Translate your ideas into realities and make your project the way you want. You’re free to choose the talent based on your goals and requirements and we’ll assemble the perfect dedicated development team that’ll deliver you the required results.


Quality Assurance

Except for developers and designers, we can also help you with development operations to increase team efficiency, set up cloud infrastructure, optimize cloud costs, and the product’s quality control.

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Technology Expertise

Web Technologies


Mobile Technologies

Cross Platform

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I was very pleased that the team FlowRocket regularly came to me with suggestions of how to improve the app.

  CEO, XYZ Company, UK

They stayed on tasks and completed the project slightly ahead of schedule. The FlowRocket team was extremely professional and detail-oriented.

  Owner, XYZ Company, USA

We feel like they’re a part of our company, rather than outsourced partner. Their platform to track our project is outstanding. We ended up using to track our internal projects & employee time.

  Owner, XYZ Company, USA

“It was a great experience to cooperate with FlowRocket. Its specialists have high level of professionalism; they have built product considering all my requirements.

  Owner, XYZ Company, USA