Project and Resource Management Platform

FlowRocket is an ultimate Business Operating Cloud Platform for measured and sustainable growth.

From simple tasks to complex projects, administrative chores to client deliverables, and employee time tracking to billing clients, FlowRocket enables you to track resources, monitor project risks and helps you complete your projects on time and in budget.

Why FlowRocket’s project management platform is the best for you to consider?

For project management, FlowRocket creates a digital tracking board to manage your projects of any size. The visual cards for projects, deliverables, tasks,work requests or simple to-dos allow you to have full visibility into completed work, work in progress and backlog. Measure your projects and task with their dependencies and risks, alongside the budget and earned value. While the lagging indicators measure the performance of the project after the fact; leading indicators give early warning signs to initiate corrective action for client satisfaction, profitability and overall success.

Manage Projects of any size on cloud

Starting from simple to-do to complex projects of any size can be tracked seamlessly on cloud accessible from device of your choice at any-time from anywhere.

  • Track your entire team’s tasks and deliverables in collaboration
  • Visual indicators for project, deliverable and task completion
  • Flags for task priorities, risk register and progress towards completion
  • Measure accuracy in estimates of workload
  • Deviation tracking and continuous learning from history
  • Segregation of tasks by completed, in progress and not started – not to mention any custom stage in between
  • Color coded presentation of tasks estimate changes to delivery date changes for visual indication
  • Real time monitoring of resource allocation – over or under allocation, helping you to prioritize
  • Make work visible & track time Tracking in as much detail as per business needs
  • Coordinate deliverables, team vacations, holidays and task dependencies in collaboration with ease
  • Invoice time and material billable efforts right from the platform
  • Actual measurement of budgeted vs spent time on projects
  • Live P&L calculation on project at any given time at all times

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Issues and Defects tracking

Devil is in the details. Projects are never successful without measuring their quality. Disjointed DefectsTracking from Project Management only gives incomplete picture.

  • Track defects in development at each stage
  • Integrated with projects, solutions, products, etc.
  • Provides true status of project completion
  • Helps you calculate actual resource spending on particular project
  • Track and create work processes and guidelines from lessons learnt
  • Measure the work quality by project, developer or manager.Learn and improve
  • Create and maintain high class Quality Management System to achieve greater success
  • Follow the built-in processes to give a jump-start to your Project Management and Quality Management Or customize to create your own

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Comprehensive and fully integrated Service Call Tracking

Thorough success is never assured unless you have a happy customer. Built-in automated Service Calls tracking gives an additional dimension to the successful completion of the project.

  • Service Call Tracking System that is directly connected to your project management
  • Track Root-Cause-Analysis and lessons learnt from noteworthy service calls
  • Build Knowledge Center for employees and clients from RCAs
  • Manage Key Accounts and draw statistics on your service
  • Maintain service to Service Level Agreement
  • Email to ticket Or Webform to ticket creation
  • AI powered automatic assignment of service calls / tickets staff in queue

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Document Management

Stop relying on DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud storage or SharePoint! Use Document Management and storage that is fully integrated with your project management, customer relationship management, sales, marketing, operations and HR management.

  • Your enterprise file system in cloud accessible from browser, tablet or smartphone
  • Complete access control by folder, file and action
  • Full check-out, check-in, versioning, sharing and access logging for audit on activities over documents
  • State of the art document viewer and global search capabilities to search PDF, ZIP and image files
  • Process document directly from file system or viewer
  • Easy to store documents directly from File Explorer, Outlook, Word or Excel
  • Never lose a document or email due to human error or hardware failure! On-the-Desktop will always keep a copy for you on FlowRocket platform

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FlowRocket On-the-go! & On-the-Desktop!

Access your Project Management activities on tables or smartphones using On-the-go! mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Complete database system in iOS or Android app while you are not in front of your computer
  • Complete Project Management dashboard
  • Projects, deliverables, activities, tasks, to-dos, Issues, service calls, and more
  • Search millions of documents including entire database without firing your laptop or calling assistant to search in file or folders
  • Manage service call tickets, workflows and work queues from mobile device
  • Take action when you have to at anytime from anywhere without technology restrictions
  • Never lose a document or email due to human error or hardware failure! On-the-Desktop will always keep a copy for you on FlowRocket platform

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Dashboards, KPIs and Reporting

Create custom dashboards using ready to go project and resource management widgets. Take quick actions with access to visual representation of data in KPIs. 100’s of summary and detailed reports analyzing data with clicks.

  • Bird’s eye view of your project and resource management activities
  • Entire work pipeline with completed, in progress and backlog
  • Full visibility on resource allocation, estimated delivery and dependencies or risks
  • Project activities and tasks by owner, by client, by timeline or any which way you like to see, at any-time from anywhere
  • Visual representations of data for quick overview with details on drill downs
  • Export data to PDF, Excel, CSV or simple text

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Resource Management abilities on FlowRocket platform is outstanding. We have minimized our down-time and maximized our billability to highest ever since inception. Generating invoices on time and material projects is instant compared to weeks delays earlier, which has helped us improve the cashflow.

  Project Manager, Engineering Consulting Firm

FlowRocket has the most flexible project management tool that I have seen in my thirty year career. Managing scrum projects on cloud is smooth. We can manage deliverables, dependencies and risks easily and launch new features faster than ever before. Integrated bug tracking and technical support has brought transparency in the quality of our development and has improved a lot. Real-time progress tracking has minimized calls, meetings and helped us tremendously in managing off-shore as well as remote teams.

  Chief Technical Officer, Software Development Company