On the Go! and On the Desktop!

Manage your business from anywhere and everywhere!

With our mobile app and on the desktop facility you can easily access your business and work from any corner of the world. All you need to do is download the app and you are ready to go!

On the go and on the Desktop are Here to Make your Work Easily Accessible.

On the go is the easily accessible mobile app to make your experience better and your work easy. You can easily get updated about the progress of your work from anywhere. Just download the app and get all the details.

On the desktop is a feature where you can store all the data in one centralized format. And you can retrieve those data from anywhere. You can have an access to all the data that is stored on the desktop from anywhere and everywhere.

Mobile application on IOS and Android:

  • On the go is mobile application available on both IOS and Android and is a complete database system for road warriors
  • Search millions of documents including entire database on your palm
  • Manage workflows, work queues and tickets from mobile device
  • Take actions when you have to at anytime from anywhere without technology restrictions

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On the desktop

  • Manage everything from on the desktop after restoring in it. You can retrieve the data easily from anywhere
  • Entire corporate address book, activities, projects and CRM
  • Automatic time tracking and approvals

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I have yet to see any mobile application as big as FlowRocket On-theGo! You can practically do everything to run your business on your tablet or mobile from beach. I can access any of our million+ documents without firing my laptop or asking someone in my office to locate information in filing cabinet or server. FlowRocket’s proprietary Global Search is super powerful can access any piece of data from database or ANY type of file, returning result in seconds. Prior to FlowRocket, it was either impossible or took us weeks to search at certain occasions.

  VP, Engineering, Software Development Company

FlowRocket’s On-the-Desktop! solution is extremely powerful tool for two reasons. One – it makes data filing to corporate database from Emails extremely easy, which work in collaboration smooth, avoids back & forth. Two – we do not have to worry about losing client information, documentations or important communication due to hardware failure, employee errors or any other reason, since information is synchronized with FlowRocket platform at all times in real-time. On-the-go! & On-the-Desktop! puts FlowRocket way in front of any other integrated solution. We had tried many systems ranging from in-house application development to off-the-shelf solution integration and none has come even close to what FlowRocket could offer. Account management and technical staff is very friendly, responsive and knowledgeable.

  CEO, Management Consulting Firm