News Releases 2019

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December , 2019

Extended Search Ticket, Extended Search Task, Retention Reports in Policy Administration.

Extended Search Ticket
  • Search Tickets has been extended to make tickets more searchable as well as get more detailed information about a Ticket in search result
  • You can now search tickets by Status Type along with Status, Ticket Owner and Project(s)
  • The extended search results now show document(s) associated with the ticket, if any, and allow you to download the document(s) from the Search result itself.
  • You can also see the Task(s) associated with the ticket and get details about overall work done on the Ticket from the Search Result itself.
Extended Search Task
  • Extended Search Tasks introduces new filters for searching tasks as well as additional details about Tasks in the Search Result
  • You can now search tasks by excluding tasks that are marked as "Don't Track on 360° insight"
  • Task Owner includes "Unassigned" option to search for unassigned tasks.
  • In the Task search result, you can see the Document(s) of the Task and download it from the Search Result itself.
  • The search result also shows the Ticket(s) associated with the Task as well as progress on the Task.
Retention Reports in Policy Administration
  • The December release of WIP comes with a rich set of retention reports for the Policy Administration workflow.
  • These reports give you complete analysis and insights on the Policy business retention and retention ratios.
  • For e.g. the "Top 10 agencies with best retention ratio based on premium amount" report gives you the retention ratio in terms of premium amount, the "Top 10 agencies with best retention ratio based on policies numbers" gives you the retention ratio in terms of Policy numbers and so on...
  • The reports have extensive set of drill downs to give you more granular information on the report.
November, 2019

WIP CRM, Reminder Services for Policy Administration, integration for Settlement Planners Workflow

  • With the November release of WIP, WIP now has a full fledged CRM
  • Track your leads by creating Leads in WIP or through auto generated Leads from integrated Tracking Tools like Leadfeeder
  • Complete CRM life cycle with lead creation to qualification
  • Track your opportunities with a full fledged business address book
  • Track your sales efforts with integrated project management that complements the CRM
Reminder Services in Policy Administration, part of Underwriter's workstation™
  • WIP now has an automated reminder service for Policy Administration
  • Policy renewal reminder emails are automatically sent for policies expiring in 90, 60 and 30 days
  • The Policy renewal reminder service is part of the Underwriter's workstation™ integration for Settlement Planners
  • is now integrated with Settement Planners workflow
  • Create Rated Age Requests for payees directly from Cases and send it to Life Companies via from within WIP
  • Update the Rated Age Requests, upload medicals, all from within WIP without having to login into
October, 2019

WIP Intranet, integration, Leadfeeder integration

WIP Intranet
  • WIP Intranet is an Intranet system for companies of any size
  • Store and organize all your important resource links at one place with "Links" in WIP Intranet
  • Share important news, announcements, notices and other corporate information through "Buzz" and "From Management"
  • Post blogs and newsletters and share with your staff and co-workers through "Newsletters" integration
  • is a one stop portal for underwriters and settlement planners to request and get rated age.
  • WIP now is integrated with which allows Settlement planners to directly make requests for rated age and receive responses from directly from within WIP allowing for a seamless experience.
Leadfeeder integration
  • Leadfeeder is a third party tool that lets you know more about your website visitors and converts promising visitors into sales leads.
  • WIP now is integrated with Leadfeeder delivering leads aggregated from Leadfeeder directly into WIP
  • These leads can then be converted into Prospects or trashed
September, 2019

GetRatedAge integration with WIP, New reports in Policy Administration, New features in Document Viewer

Underwriting Workstation for Policy Administrators
  • Underwriting Workstation is a one stop solution for all needs of Policy Administrators
  • This release is the first in series of Releases, with features like Managing Renewals, Payment Reminders and client analytics
  • Renewal Management
    • Get monthly summary of renewable policy by line of business to plan year in advance
    • Auto emails to agencies every quarter (about 90 days) about renewable policies
    • Widgets of renewable policies: Summary by Agency and LOB Widget, Policies expiring in 15 days widget, Policies expiring/renewing today and tomorrow
    • Email to agent for policy expiration/renewal, generate quote and policy right from the widget
  • Payment Reminders
    • Monthly Summary of installments due by LOB
    • Auto emails to agencies every quarter (about 90 days) about payment reminders
    • Widgets on installments due: Installments due in 15 days, expiring/renewing today and tommorrow
    • Email to agency for payment reminder, generate quote and policy right from the widget
  • Client Analytics
    • Client Retention analytics that gives analytics on top 5 agencies with different metrics like best retention ratio based on policy number and premium amount, agencies retained with highest premium and highest number of policies
Prospect AddressBook - Part of WIP CRM
  • WIP now comes with a prospect addressbook to specifically track your prospects seperate from main addressbook that you used to track your business contacts
  • With Prospect Addressbook, track over a million prospect Companies and Contacts with all details in a CRM
  • Prospect AddressBook comes with LeadFeeder integration that allows to import your leads directly from LeadFeeder into your Prospect Addressbook
  • Track your leads and prospects, qualify them and nurture them by moving converted leads/prospects into your main AddressBook
August, 2019

GetRatedAge integration with WIP, New reports in Policy Administration, New features in Document Viewer

GetRatedAge integration with WIP
  • GetRatedAge Portal is now integrated with WIP
  • Rated Age Requests made in GetRatedAge show up in WIP and any response show back in GetRatedAge, thus providing for a seamless experience between WIP and GetRatedAge
  • Make rated age requests from GetRatedAge and get real time updates from Life Companies that are using WIP.
New reports in Policy Administration
  • There are a couple of new reports introduced in the Policy Administration workflow of WIP, Policy Expiration by Date and Policy Expiration by Agent
  • These reports give information about the policies that are going to expire, so that you never miss any due date
ECM Viewer Enhancements
  • ECM Document Viewer has some enhancements that makes navigating and reading document the more easier
  • You can now navigate through the pages using mouse cursor or arrow keys
  • You can move along a large or zoomed page using mouse cursor dragging the page for better view
July, 2019 - Unified Underwriting Portal

Introducing Portal for the Structured Settlement/ Underwriting Industry
  • With Settlement Brokers/Claimants or any other interested parties can request Rated Ages from different Life Companies in a few clicks
  • Make requests with medicals and related documents and get rated age in real time from Life Companies
  • Track all Rated Age Requests along with status updates from Life Companies
GetRatedAge Mobile App
  • Along with portal, there is complementary GetRatedAge Mobile App, available for iOS and Android devices
  • With all features of portal, you can request Rated Ages from anytime, anywhere
  • Track the requests from directly from your Phone and get complete history of all requests
June, 2019

Introducing Supply Chain Management in WIP, Quote Generation in Policy Administration Workflow

Supply Chain Management in WIP
  • With the June release, WIP now has Supply Chain Management (SCM) module.
  • Initially there is support for EDI file processing and chargeback verification. The SCM module will continue to be developed until complete SCM flow is integrated into WIP.
Quote Generation in Policy Administration Workflow
  • Policy Administration Workflow now has Quote generation feature.
  • Generate Quotes for policies, edit them on the fly, generate Excel and Pdfs of the Quotes.
May, 2019

Secured Sharing in ECM, Task Board in WIP On-the-Go

Secured Sharing in ECM
  • With secured sharing in ECM, you can now share files in ECM securely
  • The secured sharing works by requiring a auto generated passcode to download files.
  • The passcode feature can be turned On/Off from System settings
Task Board/Work Board in WIP On-the-Go
  • WIP Task Board/Work Board is now available in WIP On-the-Go (WIP OTG), the mobile version of WIP for both Android and IOS.
  • Track your tasks and progress, tasks of your team and their progress, allocate tasks, all from your Mobile.
April, 2019

New Features for Planners, Addition to Invoicing and Projects

Addition to Invoices
  • Invoice module now has payment gateway integrated for making payments online.
New Features for Structure Settlement Planners
  • New Reports for Structured Settlement Planners that gives business insight
  • In addition to global search, there is advanced Search for Contacts/Companies/StructureSettlement Cases that allows for more granular level search.
  • Documents and Proposal generation for Structure Settlement Cases
Addition to Projects
  • There are now 72 pre-defined and ready to use project templates in WIP. Using these templates, you can create and track a variety of business or personal projects
March, 2019

Additions to Underwriter Workflow, new WIP Invoices and others

New Reports for Underwriter Workflow
  • Case Counts - Gives you month wise summary of Cases worked on in the current year and comparative analysis of same month in previous year
  • Daily Case Counts - Cases worked on, day wise for all days of an month
  • Monthly Case Counts - Cases worked on, month wise for all months of a year
  • Yearly Case Counts - Cases worked on, year wise for selected years
Introducing Invoicing in WIP
  • WIP now has invoice generation feature
  • WIP Invoicing includes time rendered and material rendered invoices
  • Invoices can be shared and tracked directly from WIP to clients. There is no need for external emailing
  • Invoicing also has payment integration to make payments directly from WIP
Email Preferences
  • With email preferences, you can now select on which events you want to be notified via email.
  • Policy Administration – New Widgets
  • The March Release has new widgets for Loss Ratio Calculation of Policies
  • The Loss Ratio widgets have drill down to the individual policies
February, 2019

Wall and Org. Tree in AddressBook, Introducing Office Communicator

Wall in Address Book
  • Companies and Contacts in AddressBook now have their own message wall.
  • Post and track important information, like sales tracking info., related to the Company/Contact on the wall .
Organization Tree in Company
  • When making sales calls to a Company, need to track who is at what position in the company, whom to call, whom to follow-up ? With organization tree in Company, organize contacts as per their role so you have all the information on-hand
Office Communicator Add-In
  • Introducing Office Communicator™ Add-In for Office in WIP
  • File emails and/or email attachments to Company/Contact/Project folders in ECM directly from Office
  • Post emails directly to Company/Contact/Project wall directly from Outlook
January, 2019

New Sales Tracking workflow, additions to Underwriting and Policy Administration Workflow

Sales Tracking with Activities and Opportunities in WIP:
  • Along with task now you can create activities in WIP. Though primarily for tracking sales, activities can be used in general to track any type of activity in your organization.
  • Opportunities in WIP allow you to track your sales opportunities. A successful opportunity can then be converted into a project.
  • Activity and Opportunity widgets that gives you a bird view of activities and opportunities on your dashboard
Underwriting Workflow:
  • Automatic calculation of Rated Age with the Rated Age Calculator
  • New Widgets that show various stages of Underwriting Requests
  • Secondary Review Workflow
Policy Administration Workflow:
  • Generate policies binder with essential documents.