News Releases 2018

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December, 2018

Introducing Embedded Analytics (EA) in WIP

  • The new release of WIP includes initial reports for the Underwriting Workflow
  • Track the complete cycle of RA Requests and Responses with these reports.
  • Get a bird view of the current situation of the underwriting in your organization.
November, 2018

Underwriter Workflow, Themes and Advanced Search

Underwriter Workflow

  • In the November Release of WIP, the underwriter workflow is now integrated in WIP
  • Create Rated Age Requests, generate documents and communicate with Settlement Brokers from WIP

Color Themes

  • WIP now has different colorful themes, so you can customize the look of WIP with colors of your liking

Advanced Search

  • Advanced Search in WIP for searching Tasks, ProgressEntries and Tickets

MessageBoard in Project

  • Projects now also have a message board allowing to preview and search messages
October, 2018

Pie chart view in Task board & Captcha implementation in login page

  • New pie chart view in Task Board that shows the ongoing tasks as a pie chart. Additional design improvements to the Task Board.
  • "Apply Time-off" now allows to select the part of the day for half day time-offs
  • Starting with October Release, users can have only single session in WIP. Multiple logins for the same user at the same time is not allowed.
  • Login screen has captcha to prevent bots from logging into the system
September, 2018

Work Board in 360i and Automated ProgressEntries

Introducing Work Board in 360i
  • Auto record time spent on each task
  • Track who is working on which task with real-time metrics
  • Track idle employees
Automated ProgressEntries
  • Get the recorded time for progress entries. Filling in ProgressEntries is now done through a click of button with accurate time tracking
August, 2018

New, Payroll and DSR Workflow in WIP

Payroll Workflow
  • WIP now has payroll workflow that can be used to manage the payrolls of employees. Currently it is primarily for restaurants but it can be extended to be used by other industries as well
Daily Sales Report Workflow
  • DSR workflow is used to track daily sales for a businesses. Currently it supports restaurants but in future it can be extended to include other business models
July, 2018

Billing Workflows in WIP

Introducing Billing Workflows
  • Upload your scanned bills and statements in WIP and then initiate billing workflows
  • Process bills of your clients and vendors with quick, seamless steps
  • With the billing workflow, you can split a composite bill document into multiple bills and process each bill quickly
  • WIP now has Vendor Credit Flow to manage your vendor credits
June, 2018

Introducing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in ECM and New Features in WIP Chat

Introducing OCR in ECM
  • New OCR feature reduces or eliminates filling text for metadata fields
  • Configuration of OCR capabilities and metadata fields for documents will be automatically filled with text from scanned documents and images
New Features in WIP Chat
  • Latest and diverse collection of emojis added in WIP Chat
  • Now you can set your status in WIP chat letting others know whether you are online, away or busy along with a wide range of different statuses
May, 2018

Conference in WIP Chat, Bubble preview of Documents

Conference in WIP Chat
  • WIP Chat now has a conference chat feature that allows you to chat with multiple users simultaneously in a virtual conference room
Bubble Preview of Documents
  • In WIP wherever documents are listed, there is now a bubble preview that allows to view and navigate through documents without having to open the document
  • In order to do so, you need to take the mouse cursor on the document and keep it there for some time
April, 2018

Introducing WIP Chat

With WIP Chat, You Can
  • View which users are online and chat with them
  • Send and receive files to other users
  • Create a transcript of your chat history
  • Leave offline messages for users that aren't online
March, 2018

New Look for Daily Progress Entries and Starred/Recent Tag Feature in Enterprise Content Management

New Look for Daily ProgressEntries
  • Similar to the weekly view of progress entries, the new daily view allows you to select or create tasks to create a grid and then fill in the hours
  • Modifying entries and adjusting hours is now easier with the new daily view
  • Employee statistics panel is now also available in the daily view
Starred and Recent Feature in Enterprise Content
  • Recent folder is now available in the Enterprise Content view that lists the recently accessed folders and documents for entry to the latest changes or uploads
  • Starred feature allows you to mark any document or folder as a "favorite". These folders or documents show in the Starred folder for immediate access
February, 2018

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Introducing WBS in WIP
  • WBS is a planning tool to breakdown your entire project into milestones and tasks from a single screen
  • Compose your project, milestone by milestone, task by task
  • Add, edit, and copy repetitive tasks between milestones or in the same milestone
  • Move tasks between milestones and revise them with a single click
  • Get an overview of project progress by viewing task progress in milestones
  • Switch between a grid view and a card view for tasks to get a more granular view of your project
January, 2018

ProgressEntry Weekly View

ProgressEntry now has a weekly view that allows you to fill time tracking events with the whole working week in a single view
  • Very quick and efficient way for employees that work on an hourly basis or contract workers to fill progress entries in bulk
  • Pre-load tasks for the entire week in advance or add tasks as needed. No need to select tasks that are in continuation again and again for filling progress entries
  • ProgressEntry statistics panel in the weekly view that provides employee work patterns like average work hours, in/out deviation for a weekly/monthly/yearly basis
  • Recent tasks panel that lists the most recent tasks that is also available to pick for filling progress entries
  • Missing/Rejected progress entries listing that acts as reminder to fill missing progress entries or correct rejected progress entries