News Releases 2017

All-in-one Business Operating Platform is what you need for Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Project Management, Workflow Management, Service Call Management, Quality Assurance Management and Business Process Automation. Stop paying multiple subscriptions and dealing with clunky integrations. Try FlowRocket’s cloud based modular solution for FREE until you decide to buy.
December, 2017

FlowIn - Rule Based Automation Triggered by Emails

WIP FlowIn allows you to monitor any email address and create rules to take automatic actions
  • Create tasks or tickets under any project or any client according to pre-configured rules
  • Create tasks and assign them to the appropriate individuals according to pre-configured rules
  • Manage HelpDesk Queues for incoming tickets on specific email addresses
  • Set auto-reply on configured email addresses
November, 2017

WIPForPlanners - The Solution for Structured Settlement Brokers

Workflow and Claims Management Tool for Structured Settlement Brokers, Insurance Agents and Financial Planners
  • Database driven collaborative workflow engine
  • Complete case management
  • Template based document generation
  • Complete funding, commission, expense and payment tracking
October, 2017

Intuitive MessageBoard

Intutive Messageboard
  • User can escalate the document with message board.
  • Notification will be sent to recipient of an escalation document with an alert.
September, 2017

Weekly ProgressEntry and Dynamic Template-Based Document Generation

Weekly ProgressEntry and Dynamic Template-Based Document Generation
  • Allows user to fill and track progress in a weekly view.
  • User can create customized template and based on that template document generation can be performed.
August, 2017

360° Insight in OTG, Inventory and ProgressEntry Approval

360° Insight in OTG, Inventory and ProgressEntry Approval
  • 360° insight keeps you updated about the progress of your work from anywhere
  • User can easily approve/reject Progressentries to keep track of progress.
July, 2017

Handy ECM Features in WIP

Enhance your productivity with Full Text Searches of Documents, Document Annotations, Metadata Savings and Much More
  • Now, you can store document attachments with the very document itself
  • Configure folder level metadata in a few clicks
  • Search the document using entered metadata
  • Document Annotation with plenty of useful tools. Now, you can apply the annotation in viewer
  • Task creation directly from a document in ECM
  • Find your document in seconds. Search the document using the content of the deed
June, 2017

Rule Based FlowIn Engine, Action Rules and Quarter Panels

Ensure the Only People Viewing your Documents are the Ones YOU Choose
  • Set permissions for feeds of key project related activities
  • Customizable console display as per the preferences you and other users set for the various feeds
Interconnectivity Amongst Active Project Contributors
  • Access historical feeds with just a few clicks
  • Stay connected with all on-going project activities
May, 2017

360° Insight

The Only Dashboard You'll Ever Need
  • WIP allows you to get 360 visibility of your business and its resources
  • WIP is incredibly simple, yet powerful at the same time
  • Keep a tab on tasks to avoid bottlenecking
  • Identify and address impediments promptly
  • Easily implement the Kanban board to track tasks in WIP to monitor all aspects of your projects, tasks, tickets, resources, and documents
April, 2017

iOS Application for WIP

With an increasing number of mobile devices in day-to-day activities, FlowRocket is launching an iOS application for WIP, coming soon. A new website is also scheduled to be launch May 2017.
March, 2017

Collaborative Corporate Calendars

Auto created corporate calendars for project and on other organization events
  • Multiple calendar creation
  • Color coded calendar
  • Attractive calendar interface
  • Month, Week, Day, list view
  • Show/hide calendar to view selected calendar
  • User preferences for Calendar view
  • Integrated with WIP projects and Time-off
  • Track employee time-off, important project dates and custom events on your calendar
  • Notifications
  • iCalendar Feeds
February, 2017

FlowIn and Templatized Business Transactions Tracking

Use FlowIn for receiving emails for the email addresses that are configured for WIP application instances. The emails received are then saved as .eml files in the 'Inbox' folder of the designated users within the Enterprise Contents.

Project Templates

  • Allows you to create a standardized template for a project as per your business needs
  • The template can be created in few steps with ease
  • Define default tasks with tentative end days

You can even create a new project using an existing project template. It uses all the tasks, teams, and milestones of the existing project.

January, 2017

Project Summary, Timeline, and Notes

  • Project summary provides all the information related to a project on a single page
  • You can print this page for future reference or track project timeline
  • The summary also allows you to track important notes related to a project such as risks, bottlenecks, mitigation, and more