News Releases 2016

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December, 2016

File Sharing

Share multiple files and data with colleagues of your choosing securely, crucial for any project

  • Re-use an existing share for sending the same files or other files
  • WIP provides the ability to view the history of file sharing
  • Set an expiration date for file viewing for enhanced security
  • Get a notification each time a user downloads the shared file
November, 2016

Dynamic Dashboards with Widgets

WIP provides various widgets to configure on your dashboard.

  • These widgets provide information about the projects, progress entry, reports, and much more
  • Based on the rights of a user, a collection of full and half width widgets is available
  • You can create multiple dashboards to track information for more than one project and share dashboards with other users
October, 2016

Employee Time-Off with WIP Project

Tracking and managing employee time-off with WIP is done with click of a button

  • You can now configure yearly time off for each employee using WIP
  • Employees and their managers get a notification when an employee applies for leave
  • Managers can easily approve the time off as per the defined organization structure
  • Managers can also easily monitor time approval for various employees and future time-offs
September, 2016

Live-Time Feeds

Never miss an update on any on-going project activities with WIP Feeds.

  • Get notifications for key project related activities
  • Set permissions for feeds and access historical feeds with a few clicks
  • View preferences you and other users have set for various views on the console
August, 2016

Global Search

With Global Search in WIP allows you to:

  • Perform a search from single place to find a project, task, document, contact, company, or other piece of information
  • Highly interactive with a powerful search engine
  • WIP stores the search preferences for each user to easily find when needed
  • Provides analytics on trending search keywords