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September, 2023


Industry Relevance: All Industry

  • Ability to search by Industry – You can now search contacts by their industry. When you plan to segregate your address book by industry, the ability to search by industry is a good option.

Structure Settlement:

Industry Relevance: Settlement Planners

  • Client Status Report – The Client Status Report provides details of cases for a client Group. The cases are grouped based on whether the case has crossed the settlement stage (such as the proposal being settled or the case has been funded), is yet to reach a settlement, or is closed (such as the case has been cashed). If cases have been funded, the Annuity Premium and Life Company will also be shown on the case.
August, 2023


Industry Relevance: All Industries

  • Default attributes – When adding a company or contact, certain attribute fields will now be available by default. So, fields like Address, Phone, Email etc. will be available without needing to select from the attribute list. These default attribute fields are configurable, meaning that you can decide which fields you want available by default. The same feature is available for Company Locations also.

Structure Settlement

Industry Relevance: Settlement Planners

  • Improvements to adding Case Party – Improvements have been made to make the “Adding Case Party” more convenient. The Contact/Company Dropdown will load only those Contacts/Companies relevant to the Role selected. For example, when adding an Attorney, the Contact dropdown will only load Contacts from the Address Book that are tagged as “Attorney”. The contact dropdown will also show the company of the contact along with the contact Name. In case the contact/company is not found in the dropdown, there is an “All” button available next to the dropdown that will load all the contacts/companies available in the Address Book. The feature is also available when selecting Case Parties at the time of adding a Case.
  • Case Party Note – You can add notes for a Case Party. The notes will show with the Case Party as well on the Activity wall. Multiple notes can be added to the Case Party.
July, 2023


Industry Relevance: All Industries

  • Check-Lists feature in Lists Module – Along with using Lists as a template to create Sub Tasks in Work Items, you can now use Lists as Check-Lists. From ordering your monthly Office Supplies to other routine Tasks, you can create all sorts of Check-Lists and maintain all of them in the WIP system.
  • Collaboration using public Lists – You can share your Lists with your colleagues by making them Public. The public Lists can be used to collaborate for group work.

Project Management:

Industry Relevance: Project Management and Professional Services

  • Create Sub Tasks from List in Existing Work Items – Creating repetitive Tasks for your Work Items was done conveniently by creating Sub Tasks using Lists while creating your Work Item. Now you can use Lists to create Sub Tasks when editing Work Items as well.

Structure Settlement:

Industry Relevance: Settlement Planners

  • New Client Reports – Structure Settlement has new Client Reports for newly Opened Cases and Concluded Cases. There is also a Report for Cases that have been settled or still open over a time period, for a client.
June, 2023

Structure Settlement Workflow:

Industry Relevance: Settlement Planners

  • Check Mailing Address in Check Request – When generating Check Requests, the Check Mailing Address of the selected Annuity Company is also provided in the Request document. You no longer need to add the address manually.
  • Add a Contact/Company to Case(s) from Address Book – Earlier, if you wanted to add a Contact in existing Cases in any role, you would have to go to each and every Case and add it from within the Case. Now you can do it with a single click by selecting all the Cases and the role to assign in each Case, right from the Address Book. The same feature is also available for Companies.
  • Count removed from Product & Plans tab in Case – You will no longer find the count of the Benefit line items in the Products & Plans tab in Case. With the ability to record Settlements by Annuity Company, the Benefit lines count from the Benefits section is no longer prominent.
  • Default Date Received for Client – When adding a Client to a Case, the Date Received will default to the Case Opened Date.

CRM – Marketing Cloud:

Industry Relevance: Sales and Marketing

  • “Unsubscribed” filter in Search Contact – Search Contact now has a new filter. Using this filter you can include or exclude Contacts who have unsubscribed from your email campaigns, in your search results.
May, 2023

Structured Settlement Workflow

New Releases
  • Funding Party is now optional when funding the Case. So if the funding party is not known during Funding, it can be left with the default selection of “Unknown Funding Party”. Later, when the Funding Party is known, the funding party can be updated for the Case accordingly.
  • New section of Settlement by Annuity Company in Products & Plans – The Products & Plans screen contains a new section of Settlement by Annuity Company. With this section, Total amount of Settlement for each Annuity Company in the Case can be entered, without having to enter individual Benefit Lines. The Benefit Lines section is also available as before, so depending on the Case/Business Process, Settlement Planners have the option to either record detailed Benefit Lines or summarized benefit lines per Annuity Company.
  • Ability to do Funding directly from the Case – Earlier, funding on a Case could be done by adding a Bundling entry from the Administrative section. Now, a Case can be funded directly from the Finance tab within the Case. The funding auto-generates the Bundling entry.
  • Automatic Funding entry in Case – When Settlement by Annuity Company is added, it will auto-generate Funding entries in Case. These funding entries are in the “Draft” mode with the majority of the data needed for funding auto-entered. When the actual funding happens on the Case, the Settlement Planner only needs to enter the remaining data such as the date on which the Case was funded etc. This will save a lot of data entry for the Settlement Planner
  • Reverse entry of Settlement based on Funding – Sometimes, in rush Cases, Settlement Planners may need to do Funding directly without entering Settlement. Later, the Settlement Planner needs to manually enter the Settlement entries. With the new release of WIP, the entries for Settlement by Annuity Company are auto-generated based on the Funding entry done, when Funding is done directly, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Check & Wire Request Generation – Once Settlement happens in a Case, the Settlement Planner needs to send requests to the Defendant Insurer to release the payment to the Annuity Company. This request could be for transfer via Check or via Wire. This requires the Settlement Planner to create a formal Request letter and send it to the Insurer. The whole process is repetitive, tedious and prone to errors. Now WIP provides the facility to generate Check and/or Wire Requests directly from within the WIP system. The Settlement Planner only needs to select the required details and the Check Request and/or Wire Requests for payments are generated within WIP on the fly. These requests can be generated both in Word as well as PDF format.
April, 2023

Introducing Lists in WIP

New Releases
  • Ability to create Personal Lists, Office Work related Lists or any type of Lists.
  • Share lists with your colleagues.
  • Ability to create Work Item Sub Tasks out of Lists. So now, create Lists of repeated Work and create Work Item sub tasks from those lists.