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April, 2021

Enhancement of Work item detail.

Enhancement of Work item detail.
  • Provides you a spot insight of effort estimation of work assigned, Hours left for completion, Actual hours of time spent on current work and responsible team member.
March, 2021

Marketing Campaign KPIs, Enhancement of Activity detail.

Marketing Campaign KPIs.
  • Gain the insights You Need to Keep Teams Focused.
Enhancement of Activity detail.
  • Useful for contact management, tracking interactions, scheduling/reminders for customer services.
February, 2021

Marketing Campaign reports, Enhancement of Marketing tool integration.

Integration of Marketing tool
  • Helps effectively communicate a company's marketing strategy, including research, promotional tactics, goals and expected outcomes
  • Used to understand whether the marketing strategies you currently use are going in the right direction and to further improve them.
Enhancement of Marketing tool integration.
  • Marketing integration and communication is key to competing effectively, particularly in markets where competitors sell essentially the same product at the same or even higher price.
January, 2021

Integration of Marketing tool, All-in-One Console.

Integration of Marketing tool
  • An integration even makes it possible to easily access marketing data like client lists and conversion metrics which helps keep relevant data with the project so you can better plan the next trade show presentation.
All-in-One Console.
  • Tracking everything in one place in real time to keep projects and progress visible across teams and stakeholders efficiently is now at a one place.