Marketing Management

Modernize your technique of managing marketing teams.

The main core of any business to achieve success lies in its marketing techniques. Successful marketing means half battle won and we are here to help you with the best marketing techniques.

Marketing management is a process or technique to promote or introduce a product/service to the potential customers. It covers public relations, advertising, sales and promotions.

Collaborate, organize and Measure all The Activities Under one Centralized Platform.

Every aspect of marketing starting from identifying the consumer’s needs and wants, recognizing targeted customer, product planning, development, pricing, promotion is done under one roof in a centralized manner.

Our system will help you to:

  • Create awareness about your product
  • Connect to the right people
  • Automate your procedure
  • At your service

Create awareness about your product:

  • Market your products to the targeted audience by sending right messages on all the right channels
  • E-mail campaigns, social media ads, landing pages, postcards all sort of means are used to market your product
  • E-mail marketing, digital asset management, social media, campaign tracking, content calendars and more services are provided by FlowRocket to get the universal presence of your product

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Connect to the right people:

Data in real-time is needed to stay competitive and also to effectively track and improve business performance. Other such important features are of KPI are:

  • Marketing tools will make you aware about your potential clients and gets you connected to them
  • Advertising your services and products helps you reach out to the people who is looking out for similar services
  • Instant responsiveness and chat service helps you close the deal instantly

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Add a personal touch:

Data in real-time is needed to stay competitive and also to effectively track and improve business performance. Other such important features are of KPI are:

  • A personalised touch can be added by automating a message without personal effort. This can make a lasting impact on the customers and makes the bond stronger
  • Providing various customised offer as per the requirement of client gets the utmost customer satisfaction

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Our marketing department is performing at whole new level after adopting FlowRocket platform. Email campaigns and success rates are measured to the minute details. We have been able to accomplish so much more and in turn, able to generate leads effectively for our sales team. Integration with MailChimp was like GodSent to us. KPIs and ad-hoc marketing reports allows us to focus our efforts in the right direction to grow our business. Keeping distribution list of prospects integrated with our actual customers makes it simple to convert a prospect into paying customer without duplicating data entry or losing the marketing activity history on the prospect. This is the perfect marketing tool we were looking for, for a long time.

  VP Marketing, Software Development Company

It feels like magic when you see a platform creating leads for you automatically from your prospect visiting your website. And when you have marketing campaigns or sales efforts going on with particular client, getting insight of their interest is a huge help understanding what they are looking for. Biggest winner for us was being able to maintain intelligence on our clients organizational hierarchy and share across sales teams. Maintaining life time activities on a single platform with collaboration is a winner serving our prospects and clients with confidence. A unique platform with so much attention to details that matters a lot in our day to day.

  SBD Director, Engineering Consulting Firm