FlowRocket for Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical

Attract more patients with FlowRocket’s life science and health care program

Our program will help you to endure the relationship with patients by providing a step by step guidance and experiences on every touchpoint, from its accession and end going engagement via co-ordination.

Why FlowRocket’s Program is Applauded in The Market?

It is helping the providers to face the new challenges of today’s industry along with grasping the new opportunities up to the best quality.

It is driving a new era of personalized medicine for the changing relationships between life science companies, patients and providers.

Customer engagement and patient centric innovation are the base of CRM for life science.

Agents have been empowered to give patients a service across multiple channels. With the help of a single connected platform, you can deliver the best experiences before, during and after the therapy.

Medical people need to innovate and keep up with the ever changing technologies and expectations of patients. At FlowRocket, we build solutions that connects the patients and physicians in different ways which will help to save more lives.

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Cloud Computing Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industries

FlowRocket’s cloud computing solutions specially for pharmaceutical companies will help you have a greater knowledge and build strong relationships to deliver outcome based services throughout patient’s health journeys. This will also help you to enhance clinical operations and collaboration for faster product life cycles.

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CRM for Healthcare Industry

  • Maximize efficiency while delivering exceptional patient experiences, with FlowRocket’s brilliant technology.
  • A single platform gets you connected to the patients, which also enables them to have a faster access to the services along with reducing operational cost.
  • Strengthens the relationship with members by anticipating their needs and delivering with proactive care.
  • A connected experience from sales and enrollment, to administrative and clinical support helps to provide a customized service.
  • Simplify the sales experience by connecting brokers, sales team and employer group on a single platform.
  • Shorten cycle times, improve in sale insights with less paperwork and administration.

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FlowRocket has been instrumental in keeping us organized. Their contract and revenue management solution is half the price, and much faster compared to our previous provider. We use CRM and service call tracking capabilities extensively and already seeing gain in efficiencies.

  VP, Sales, Growing Pharmaceutical Company

EDI-ready chargeback verification solution is extremely cost effective. We saved a lot by switching. Contract Management is very simple to operate and has eliminated a lot of duplicate/manual data entries for us, and hence eliminated occasional human errors, saving a lot of time. Lot more capabilities to the platform that we were initially looking for. We have started automating a lot of internal processes for further efficiency gains. Service is outstanding.

  Finance Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer