FlowRocket for Life/Viatical Settlements

FlowRocket’s program for life/viatical settlement for brokers/providers enables you to manage the settlement more efficiently than you ever had!

From Customer Relationship Management to reviewing medicals and calculating rated ages including full case Management FlowRocket’s manages everything. Our program for medical underwriting allows you to organize and manage your insurance settlement cases in more structured, organized and timely manner without any hassels.

CRM for Viatical Settlement/Life Settlement for Brokers/Providers:


What FlowRocket offers to its customers is completely efficient and compliant:

  • Receive request and medical documents in encrypted format in one centralized system
  • Review medicals in sophisticated Document Viewer within a system and stored securely on a cloud system in an encrypted format
  • Smart search within seconds in the existing case files and determine if the request is for a new case or is a rework for an existing case
  • Avoid creating a duplicate case file if the claimant’s information matches with any existing case file, even without performing search result
  • Digital allocation to Underwriter’s work queue with one click
  • Use of inbuilt integrated Rated age calculator, encrypted e-mails/fax and underwriter’s notes and store everything in one centralized place automated
  • Rated age is locked for editing after a defined timeline (generally one year) and/or if the case is already won by the New Business Team.
  • Share Rated Age confirmation with the broker via encrypted downloadable and traceable links.

Efficient and compliant medical underwriting workflow to manage each task through only one system

  • Processing a case request
  • Underwriting process
  • Secondary review
  • Easy access to new business
  • Embedded analytics

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Case Management for Viatical Settlement Brokers/Providers

  • Receive incoming case request in a smart dashboard enabled widget instead of different individual or group email boxes
  • Get rid of a request from the widget view off which the case is already created or assigned to any underwriter to get a view of the requests pipeline
  • Request is locked to be viewed or worked when the request is being worked on by one administrative support user. – Avoid multiple access and duplication of work on same request by multiple staff users
  • Smart and efficient search to determine if the request is for a new Insured/case or is a rework for an existing case
  • Define type of case as Rush, Rework, MSA and/or Worker’s Comp while assigning the case to an Underwriter
  • Preventing from creating duplicate Insured/case if the Insured demographic information matches with any existing case files from prior years even without performing the search for Insured’s information
  • Pre-populating Agents / Insured’s information based on the sender of the request of the case and pre-populating Insured and Agents / Insured information in case of a rework
  • Assign the case to an Underwriter based on case complexity or Underwriter’s existing workload

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Underwriting Process

  • Smart and Efficient Underwriter’s work queue in a dashboard enabled widget
  • Work on case based on priority of Rush, Rework, MSA or other type of the case
  • Review the medicals and email from the Agents / Insured in a sophisticated professional viewer
  • Centralized, inbuilt integrated system for calculation of rated age, assigning impairment codes and adding Underwriter’s notes in one place
  • Save and Automated generation of template based Rated Age confirmation sheet for each Agents / Insured on the case
  • Share Rated Age Confirmation with Agents / Insureds securely via web link with expiration date and track the activity on each share or re-share

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Secondary Review

  • Automated Secondary Review Process based on predefined criteria, for example, in case of age is rated for 10 years or more
  • Secondary Review Process based on Underwriter’s discretion for the opinion or guidance from Chief Underwriter or Underwriter Supervisor
  • Ability to add notes by Chief Underwriter and approve or Change request in calculation of Rated Age
  • Auto assign the case to Underwriter’s work queue once the secondary Reviewer approves or rejects the calculation

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Easy Access to New Business

  • Read Only Access to the New Business Team on each case
  • New Business can quickly search for a case that is inquired and won with the Agents / Insured
  • Mark cases as Won or Lost with different parameters of Premium, Date and Agents / Insured for a case
  • Access the Medicals and Rated Age Confirmation quickly and efficiently directly from the system

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Achieve Embedded Analytics

  • Daily, Monthly count of Requests processed by Administrative Support Users
  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Case Counts Processed by Underwriters segregating between New Cases and Rework Requests
  • Summary on Won and lost Cases Reports by case type and Impairment Codes classification
  • Reports for Actuaries based on Geographical locations, impairment codes on a case and any other criteria that Actuaries would look for
  • Periodic Summarized details on cases rated and worked on
  • Reports on pending case requests

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FlowRocket CRM got integrated with our website seamlessly. All of our web leads appeared automatically in our database system without any need for duplicate entry – big time saver! Templated document made proposal and other documentation quick. Technical support is great. Many of our manual processes are digitized and automated now. Extremely pleased to make this choice.

  Vice President, Life Insurance Settlement Firm

I have been using FlowRocket CRM for past one year and have been very happy with the product, service & reasonable cost. My favorite thing is that it’s been so simple for me to customize specifically for my business. I can serve my clients and investors quickly. Data is always available on cloud.

  Owner, Life Settlements Broker