FlowRocket for Insurers

Manage and grow your insurance business more efficiently.

From sharing electronic policy documents securely to running analytics on premium, claims, new and renewing policy data, we are here to make your work easy and flawless.

Why FlowRocket’s cloud Solution for Insurance Underwriters and Claims is The Best in The Market?


Irrespective of line of business – General Liability, Commercial Property, Liquor Liability, or any other business insurance, FlowRocket allows you to track your Insurance Quotes and Policies effectively, fulfilling your Reporting requirements.

You can also manage your other book of businesses like financial planning, wealth management, or any general insurance product sales and service tracking. FlowRocket is a database driven collaborative workflow engine for agency of any size from five to five hundred.

CRM for Insurance Underwriting and Claims Under Insurers

  • Inbuilt integrated 900+ coverage forms for a different line of business and states approved by The State and ISO
  • Real-Time integrated with your Policy Administrative Application
  • Generate and Share Policy Documents, Declaration Pages, Coverage Forms and Invoice electronically and securely with your agents or insureds
  • Underwriting Workstation
  • Claims Workstation
  • Executive Workstation
  • Agency Portal
  • Collaborative Quotes, Policy and Claims Management
  • Track Insurance product sales
  • Manage any types of projects, operations, marketing, and sales data
  • 100’s of Ready-to-go templates for tracking your business information
  • Store documents and emails in the most advanced and customizable Enterprise Content Management system.

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Executive Workstation

  • Earned Premium Tracking and Analysis
  • Periodic Loss Ratio Analysis
  • Historic Earned Premium and Loss Reserves
  • Historic Loss Ratio on Reserves and actual Cash Loss Ratios
  • New Business Data Analysis
  • Lost Business Data Analysis
  • Insights into Client Retention from various angles.

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Claims Workstation

  • Real time integrated with Policy Administrative System
  • Real Time KPIs to get a detailed overview of Number of Open Claims
  • Track Historical Claims
  • Track and Manage the claims in Litigation and Arbitration
  • Real time and historical Loss Reserves and Loss Ratio analysis on a dashboard enabled widget
  • Track and Manage the documentation for all open claims
  • Track all activities on open claims
  • Direct Access to relevant policy documents right from the system on all open claims.

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Underwriting workstation

  • Get Quote and generate Proposal and Share with Agents/Insured
  • Scheduled Renewal Reminders and Renewal of Policies
  • Automatic and rule-based Payment Reminders
  • Retention, Growth, and Decline Analysis
  • State and LOB wise Forms Management

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Renewal Reminders and Renewal of Policies

  • At the beginning of the year, evaluate the number of policies expiring by line of business in each month and plan the year accordingly in advance on a dashboard with clicks
  • At the beginning of the quarter, automated generation and sharing of the list of expiring policies in the coming quarters as a renewal reminder to agencies and insured
  • Review the policies expiring in the next 30 days, coordinates with the Agency, and insured on their renewal. Send additional email reminder for expiring policies
  • In addition to the reports of 90 days and 30 days, WIP has additional readily available reports for policies expiring in the next 15 days and policies expiring Today and Tomorrow
  • Generate Proposal right from the renewal reminder widget

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Achieve Electronic Policy Delivery

  • Real Time integrated with your Policy Administrative Application
  • Generate Policy Documents, Declaration Pages, Coverage Forms and Invoice electronically with a single click
  • Ability to fill in the Coverage Forms based on coverage opted by the Insured
  • Avoid Printing and manual fill ups of Coverage Forms
  • Share the Policy Documents, Declaration Pages, Coverage Forms and Invoice electronically and securely from a centralized and integrated system with a single click.

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In my search of Workflow Automation and Document Processing platform, FlowRocket came out to be the most versatile, easy to configure and very reasonably priced. The technical team is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They turn around things quickly, when we demanded customization. It was a very pleasant experience working with them thru’ implementation of the system and training. We migrated all of our data from past twenty years of business and from number of quirky systems. Our document processing is completely automated and are expected to eliminate a lot unavoidable errors and frustrations, let alone a huge saving in employee time.

  Business Analyst, Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Data Analytics capabilities of FlowRocket platform is phenomenal. Platform is seamlessly integrated with our policy and claims management system. It provides us reports and intelligence in seconds, which used to take weeks with numerous man-power behind it. The electronic policy generation and sharing has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in postal cost, printing cost and man power. Proactive notifications and actions have improved policy retentions and CRM capabilities are great.

  Chief Information Officer, mid-size Mutual Insurance Company