FlowRocket for Insurance Agents

Manage your General Insurance Agency Business more efficiently than ever!

From simple to-do list to organizing Customer Relationship Management to working on your client files, we get the best solution under one roof.

What do We Provide to The Agents of Insurance Underwriting and Claims?

Irrespective of the line of business practice, FlowRocket allows you to track your Client files effectively, fulfilling your providers reporting requirements and guidelines. You can manage your other book of businesses like financial planning, wealth management, or any general insurance product sales and service. FlowRocket is a cloud based collaborative workflow and CRM platform for agency of any size from five to five hundred.

CRM for insurance agents:

  • Collaborative Insurance/File Management
  • Track each Insurance product sales
  • Manage any types of projects, operations, marketing and sales data
  • 100’s of Ready-to-go templates for tracking your business information
  • Store documents and emails in the most advanced and customizable Enterprise Content Management system
  • Access your business information on mobile with FlowRocket-On the go!

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Efficient and Smart CRM and Database System for Insurance Agents

  • Manage each task through one and only system rather jumping off to multiple systems for one process
  • Client Management
  • Premium Collection Management
  • Claims Management
  • Commission Management
  • Embedded Analytics

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Client management

  • Template Based Client Management – Template can be created based on Team, Geographic Location and/or the type of Insurance Policies.
  • Referral Fees – Define Type and Referral Fees at company level and can be modified at each client level. Add multiple Agencies, Insurance Companies or multiple policies on the client. Calculate and manage the referral fees on the business throughout the life cycle of the policies based on the status of the policies and type of referral fees.
  • Proposal Generation – Ready to go in-built templates for Proposals. Ability to generate custom proposal based on your format over your letterhead unique for your local offices. Ready to go Client introduction letter template with many more business communication related document templates
  • Documentation – Document minute to detailed notes in the template based client management fields. Track insurance policies with status at each stage of the life cycle of the Policy.
  • Tracking – Dashboards enabled widgets to keep track the Policies by policy type i.e. General Liability, Liquor Liability, E&O, Commercial Property, Auto, etc., policy status, outstanding premium, outstanding installments, completion requirement documents and completed tasks

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Premium collection Management

  • Document the proposed proposals from each mutual Insurance companies
  • Have the ability by client to select the appropriate proposal plans they want to opt for.
  • Track Premium on each policy with automatic calculation of splits and production credits, if there are multiple agents working on same client
  • Keep track of each receipt and release of each premium installment and payment status by the insured client
  • Keep track, get reminders for each outstanding premium installment at pre-defined regular time intervals
  • Track complex and custom production credit and calculation within your practice for all possible scenarios of sales and refunds with a click, without a need of Excel based tracking, calculation or need for custom programming

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Claims management

  • Document the first information report on any claim reported by the client
  • Receive information and documents on claims directly in FlowRocket on the policy files from the Insured
  • Share and communicate the details on claim and loss with the Insurer directly from FlowRocket and keep track of information being accessed by the Insurer or not
  • Track and document status on the claim at each stage
  • Keep track of each receipt and release of claim and payment status by the insurer

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Commission management

  • If the client and the commission of the Policies is split between more than one agent, internally or externally, add multiple brokers on the client and all other such relevant parties on the Policies
  • Ready to go template for Commission Split Agreement
  • Calculate commissions and create accounts receivable or payable reports based on the nature of receipts
  • Dashboard enabled tracking for each receivable commission based on the receipt and release of each premium
  • Tracking of receipt and release of split commission with the other agents, internally or externally
  • Transfer commission data from FlowRocket to your accounting package for Accounting, Book Keeping and Taxation purposes – FlowRocket is already integrated with your Accounting system.

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Probably the best CRM available for ease of use and, more importantly, ROI. The idea of being accountable for the next action with a prospect makes all the difference. All other systems we tried depended on the operator. FlowRocket CRM made us take the next step automatically, even if that next step is to close the process. Proactive renewal & payment reminders increased retention. Client Portal made customer service digital, improved client satisfaction and lowered the phone calls.

  President, Large size Insurance Agency

FlowRocket has been a very cost effective CRM tool. Using FlowRocket has given us the ability to maximize our customer acquisition and retentions. From initial contact, setup and quick customization to ongoing support and enhancements, FlowRocket has proven to be the right choice for our customer relationship management and agency data management needs.

  Principal, Family Owned Insurance Agency