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All-in-one Business Operating Platform


Using CRM software businesses in USA, Improvise customer service relationships with the help of strategies and technologies that analyzes customer interactions and behavior throughout their life cycle.Customer retention and increase in sales growth are the basic criteria we work onto.

Project Management

From simple tasks to complex projects, administrative chores to client deliverables and employee time tracking to billing clients, FlowRocket enables you to track resources and manage risks, enabling you to complete your project on time in budget using online project management for businesses in USA.

Workflow Automation

FlowRocket Workflow automation is based on the automated steps of a business process which improves the day-to-day activities of your business. It simplifies the work at each step with digitization and process automation.

Document Management

Centralized and secured cloud repository of your business documents, accessible at any-time from anywhere. Manage custom access control by role or by document as you wish. Track version control and access audit logs on documents. Never lose any document to hardware failure or human errors.

Service Desk

Manage record response and resolution time with cutting edge and AI powered Service Call management. Measure quality of service response as well as product or service with Key Performance Indicators and improve continuously.


Track eMail and other campaigns. Zero in on activity of each email sent. Starting from defining campaigns, selecting target audience to prospects’ reaction is tracked on FlowRocket platform. Seamless integration with MailChimp and LeadFeeder.

Dashboard & KPIs

Track, measure and improve with Key Performance Indicators on processes and projects. Transform complex data into clear, simple and graphical views. Create custom dashboards for easy access and live views of Work in Progress.

Self-serving Portals

Create custom and secured portal for employees managing HR activities, Employee trainings and company communications. On a self-serving portal, offer desired data access to clients for elevated customer service experience.

Business in your pocket

Access business data including documents in iOS / Android application. Never lose employee work, client files or key emails to hardware failure or human error. Important data from your desktop/laptop is always backed up on cloud without extra effort.

Remove Technology Debt

Free yourself from outdated, unsupported and restricted legacy applications. Are you enslaved by Excel based data capturing and processes? FlowRocket not only will configure your processes but migrates your legacy data and give you ultimate freedom from technology debt.

Ultimate Unified Platform

FlowRocket’s open architecture allows seamless integration to third party solutions. Our cloud platform is already integrated with many popular solutions like MailChimp, Jira, LeadFeeder, OpenText, QuickBooks and Okta Single Sign-On, just to name a few. Easily integrate corporate website directly to FlowRocket platform.

Our goal is to help million users double their productivity!

FlowRocket is an all-in-one business operating platform that allows you track business data and transactions – sales CRM activities, project management activities, documents, emails, employee time, inventory and more. You can pick and choose any or all modules as per your business data storage as well as needs for automation and information tracking, to create an efficient and paperless environment in cloud to make it accessible from anywhere at all times. Our industry specific implementations are configurations already in use and readily available for various industries as listed on our website. If you don’t see your industry on the list, don’t worry! Call and ask us, as it is not practical for us to list every single industry on our website. Our platform is simple to configure, easy to use and allow you to track your work and data, measure your productivity with key performance indicators and improve your efficiency. Call us for a live demonstration, we can configure a free trial of our platform for your business and show you how to automate your business processes to increase sales and productivity at no charge.

Agile and Scrum Tracking

Track your software projects following Agile, Scrum or Scalable Agile Framework (SAFe) digitally on FlowRocket. Just define your process and start tracking on ready-to-go cloud platform.

Business Accounts and Prospects

Manage your Operational and Sales/Marketing Contacts under the same platform. Convert Prospect into Business seamlessly.

Business in your pocket

Take your business wherever you go. Access millions of documents or business transactions from your mobile device as securely as you would on the cloud.

Client Invoicing

Do progress based project invoicing or meet your payable arrangements with clients. Attach team members time and material consumption or expense reimbursement details to your invoices. Transfer the details seamlessly in your accounting system.

Corporate Calendar

Create ANY calendar in collaboration for sales leads, projects, holidays, team vacations, 7/24 support are naming the few. Sync calendars on mobile, Outlook or Google Calendar.

Custom Contact Fields

Add as many custom fields of any kind to your specific contact or accounts type with writing a single line of code. FlowRocket offers tremendous flexibility of data tracking and searching with ease.

Custom Project Fields

Add as many custom fields of any kind to your specific project type with writing a single line of code. FlowRocket offers tremendous flexibility of data tracking and searching with ease.

Custom Project Template Creation

Define your repeat and custom work or modify pre-built project template according your business processes. Achieve easy data tracking and highest productivity with FlowRocket’s AI powered CRM and Project Management platform.

Custom Workflow Creation

Define your work process and create custom workflow with no code. Workflows can be initiated over a document, an email or a task. Filing and organizing of documents along workflow is automatic. FlowRocket offers powerful platform to automate your business processes and organize workflow documents eliminating human errors.

Digital Kanban Board

Move your Kanban board form conference room or coffee break area to online. Anyone can look at it at any time or from anywhere – home or office, without moving from there seat. FlowRocket makes physical Kanban Boards and colorful stickies, things of the past.

Document Meta Data Tagging

Create meta data over documents. Search documents, create reports and draw analytics using document meta data fields. Define your meta data without writing a line of code.

Embedded Analytics

Slice and dice your business data to draw analytics, create cross sales and up sales opportunities and achieve highest productivity. FlowRocket gives you platform to work smart along with working hard.

Employee Expense Reimbursement Workflow

Allow for independent and/or project specific expenses and reimbursement workflow for Employee out of pocket expenses for your business. Integrate seamlessly with your accounting system.

Employee Time Tracking

From a simple progress tracking on tasks to details for client billing. Automated and single click time tracking makes FlowRocket the quickest and easiest time tracking platform out there on cloud as well as on mobile.

Entities Meta Data Tagging

Define tags over any database entity. Create searches, filters and reports for easy access to your desired data.

Global Search

Perform google like search not only on your database fields, but also on documents like office, pdf, images or zip files. You will be amazed to see the blazing speed of our proprietary search feature. It’s powerful and it gives you an edge while your competition is scrambling to find their data to take informed decisions.

Live Project P&L

Track your projects’ financial viability and profitability at all times. Set the budget and let FlowRocket will do the rest to give you indicators for project going over budget resulting into loss for business. Take necessary actions before you go over budget or go in a loss with AI powered project management platform.

Managing Incoming Emails

FlowRocket’s AI based engine enables you to file your emails directly into your business transactions, or work queues to open a service call or create any task for anyone.

Managing Outgoing Emails

Send emails out and have a record on your project or business transaction right from the FlowRocket platform. This saves the communication on platform for history and collaboration.

Project Management Leading Indicators

Let the system notify you for your project fall outs and risks. You don’t have to fail the project to know your shortcomings. FlowRocket’s AI based leading indicators will give you early warnings for corrective actions before it’s too late.

Ready-to-go Project Templates

Project templates eliminate redundancy in data tracking. Use 100’s ready-to-go templates for commonly defined business activities.

Risks and Roadblocks Tracking

Track risks and roadblocks on your projects. Make work visible. Take actions and avoid surprises. Let the AI based platform do the heavy lifting for you.

Roles and Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Define roles and access control lists to manage data security. FlowRocket takes data security seriously. A large number of data hacks happen from inside rather than outside. Create and manage Data Access architecture per your business need and be stress free having the audit trail of access on the system.

Search Filters

Create filters on data searches for your repeat queries for custom searches. Share your filters with other users of the system.

Secure Sharing

Share documents in email without compromising privacy and security. Comply with HIPAA, SOX and other industry specific data security compliances.

Sending Fax from FlowRocket

Integrate your electronic fax service to send faxes to your business contacts directly from the FlowRocket platform preserving history of communication with contact or business transaction. No extra steps needed for filing.

Templated Document Creation

Create document templates custom to your business and processes without writing a line of code. Create custom documents by merging data from database. Edit in collaboration with other users. Create PDFs and share with outside users right from the platform and keep records of everything without making any extra effort.

To-Do List

Get rid of those colored sticky notes and move to digital to-do list. Create to-do for yourself or for your peers quickly as you think and transfer them to projects later for proper execution and tracking.

Vendors Bill Payment Workflow

Ready-to-go bills review, approvals and payment workflow for Vendor bills. Integrate seamlessly with your accounting system.

Website Integration

Integrate your website directly into your CRM, Service Desk and project management platform easily with Webforms and APIs. Ready to go plug-ins and code inserts for seamless integration.

Work Queues for Teams

Create as many custom queues as you wish to manage work that is performed by teams. Allow round-robin or custom task assignment of tasks. Run analytics on work queues and identify opportunities for improvements.

CRM for Software Development

Look beyond Excel, Microsoft Project or Jira for your Project Management needs. Manage your software development projects (Kanban, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, SAFe, or any) in cloud or on mobile device. Completely integrated QA as well as technical support platform. Track all of your data on a single platform to learn from and improve. Avoid the use of multiple platforms for simple needs of your business, FlowRocket takes care of your data tracking needs while you can focus on developing the world class software and your clientele. Completely integrated CRM module allows you not only to convert prospects into new clients, but also enables you to serve existing clients and cultivate more cross sales opportunities.

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Project and especially Resource Management capabilities of FlowRocket platform far exceeds that of Jira, which is what we used in past. The best thing about the platform is that development, QA and tech support, all are tracked in a single system. Overall efficiencies have gone up. Customer support has been excellent.

Vice President, Financial Software Company

end quote

CRM for Consulting and Services

Leverage your CRM activities with world’s most powerful project management platform. Manage your projects on time and in budget with absolute transparency to ensure profitability. Track consultants time and invoice clients directly on time and material projects. Accept online payments with seamless integrations with payment gateways. Track your project risks, roadblocks, dependencies and communications right on a single platform to avoid surprises. Make work and progress visible to clients if you choose so for better communication and higher level of service. Follow Key Account Management Protocol to provide golden glove service to clients and meet Service Level Agreements. Manage matrix environment and teams working in multiple time zones around the world.

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After evaluating at least ten other systems, we ended up getting a hold of FlowRocket. And, we were hooked instantly. Since using FlowRocket CRM, we’ve increased our conversion rate by 80%. It’s kept the deals in front of me and helped me improve our sales process. This system is easy, transparent and lots of automation saves time! Leading indicators help us keeping project deliveries on time and within budget. Client and employee satisfaction has gone up as well. I recommend FlowRocket to everyone.

Chief Executive Officer, Leading Management Consulting Firm

end quote

CRM for Accountants

Irrespective of business practice- Audit or taxes, FlowRocket allows you to track your assignments effectively, fulfilling your clients reporting requirements. You can also manage your other books of businesses like financial planning, wealth management or any general bookkeeping and accounting services. FlowRocket is a database driven collaborative workflow engine for accountants of any size from two to five hundred. Ready-to-use bookkeeping workflows include Client Invoicing, Vendor Billing, Customer Receipts, Daily Sales Reporting, General Journal, Recording Payroll, Payroll Reporting, Vendor Credit Issuing and more. Automatic data transfer to QuickBooks to eliminate redundant data entries. Client portal allows them to upload document and you to share reports back to them on a secure platform. No need to look for any other subscription for CRM and business data tracking for you and for your clients.

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We were paying thousands every month on our integrated IT solution. FlowRocket's ready-to-go Workflows on a single platform has cut our cost significantly. Accounting and Bookkeeping workflows have automated so many of our manual processes that, now we can spend more time on growing our business and serving our clients. FlowRocket support has been amazing with a friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to help.

Director, Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting Company

end quote

CRM for Settlement Planners

We will enable you to track your structured settlement cases effectively, irrespective of what business practice you belong to—plaintiff or defense, along with fulfilling your clients reporting requirements. Our system is a database driven collaborative workflow engine for the agency of any size from two to two hundred. Structured Settlement Case Management system in cloud, allows you to generate custom proposal with clicks with the quotes from multiple providers. Manage case funding and split commissions. Generate case completion requirements with data merge into document templates with blazing speed eliminating human errors. Track marketing efforts, leads and opportunities. Manage referrals and any other practices like insurance, wealth management or trust administration. Transfer commission data seamlessly into accounting system.
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FlowRocket is hands down the best Case Management system for Structured Settlement Brokerage Business. Platform allows us to track lot more than Structure Annuity Sales. CRM capabilities are exceptional & has helped us to move from Excel to a cloud based and mobile solution. Their attention and sense of urgency to our business needs is first rate and its great to work with a company with such a vested interest in helping us succeed.

Broker, Settlement Planning Company

end quote

CRM for Insurance Agents

FlowRocket’s CRM and policy management solution for insurance agents is the ultimate cloud platform you need to run and grow your agency business. From simple to-do list to organizing customer relationship management to working on your client files, we will enable you to manage your general insurance agency business efficiently than you ever had. Manage marketing campaigns, referrals and other financial planning practices on the same platform instead of switching between multiple platforms and paying hundreds of dollars in subscriptions. Generate personalized documents by merging database from your policy system to templates in blazing speed eliminating human errors. FlowRocket’s AI powered Embedded Analytics helps you identify cross sales and up sales opportunities with your existing clientele and prospects.

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FlowRocket has been a very cost effective CRM tool. Using FlowRocket has given us the ability to maximize our customer acquisition and retentions. From initial contact, setup and quick customization to ongoing support and enhancements, FlowRocket has proven to be the right choice for our customer relationship management and agency data management needs.

Principal, Family Owned Insurance Agency

end quote

CRM for Life/Viatical Settlements

Stop tracking your business on Excel. From customer relationship management to reviewing medicals and calculating rated ages including full case management, FlowRocket enables you to manage your life/viatical settlement more efficiently than you ever had. It allows you to organize and manage your cases in an organized and timely manner without any hassles on cloud. Extend your system with limited access as desired to your investors as portal. Create proposals from templates by merging data without errors at blazing speed and share with your policy holders. Obtain digital signature on documents without having to pay extra for DocuSign. Work in collaboration with processors and support staff and leverage the power of technology to grow your business adding more agents to your team. Handle more cases than ever on FlowRocket platform and experience the ultimate efficiency and compliance better than ever before.

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I have been using FlowRocket CRM for past one year and have been very happy with the product, service & reasonable cost. My favorite thing is that it's been so simple for me to customize specifically for my business. I can serve my clients and investors quickly. Data is always available on cloud.

Owner, Life Settlements Broker 

end quote

CRM for Settlement Providers

From medical underwriting and new business CRM, broker communication and servicing to contract management, FlowRocket’s platform for providers is the most efficient and compliant one. Readily available, fully automated medical underwriting workflow allows you to handle several hundreds of emails and fax requests on a daily basis with minimum staff in underwriting team and keeping very high level of client satisfaction, staying checked in compliance. New business to have visibility as needed and configured. Create cases for further administration as they get sold with single click instead of doing redundant data entry and carrying a risk of human errors. Extract data for actuaries for pricing baseline. Manage fundings and transfer data to check issuing systems by seamless integration with ready-to-go hooks. Embedded Analytics allow slicing and dicing of the data at each level to find opportunities to measure and improve every year leading business to higher profitability.

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FlowRocket help us migrate from our legacy system for medical underwriting. Platform is easy to use and very flexible for our custom needs. Technical team is very knowledgeable and service is exceptional. Platform is secure, reliable and performs very well.

Medical Underwriting IT, Leading Structured Settlement Provider

end quote

CRM for Insurers

Irrespective of line of business – general liability, commercial property, liquor liability, auto, home, life or any other business or personal insurance, FlowRocket allows you to track your insurance quotes and policies effectively, fulfilling your reporting requirements. FlowRocket’s AI powered platform can integrate with your existing policy and claims system as well to draw deep insight about your insurance business and provides baseline to help adjust the rates. Underwriting Workstation allows automate and improve underwriting processes as well as agent performances. Complete automation to payment and renewal reminders saves hundreds and thousands in operational cost and decreases the rate of delays and cancellations. Online policy documents sharing and bill payments saves a bundle and increases efficiencies. Claims Workstation helps manage claims, payments and reserves. Executive Workstation puts Underwriting and Claims data together and allows you analyze the overall business. Integrated CRM with underwriting and claims data makes FlowRocket a leading choice as an Insurance system for small to mid-size insurers.

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Data Analytics capabilities of FlowRocket platform is phenomenal. Platform is seamlessly integrated with our policy and claims management system. It provides us reports and intelligence in seconds, which used to take weeks with numerous man-power behind it. The electronic policy generation and sharing has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in postal cost, printing cost and man power. Proactive notifications and actions have improved policy retentions and CRM capabilities are great.

Chief Information Officer, mid-size Mutual Insurance Company

end quote

CRM for Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals

FlowRocket offers fully integrated CRM platform for Pharmaceutical businesses with contract management, revenue management and product management. Manage products, product families and inventories on a unifiedplatform where you manage complete lifecycle of your contracts. Manage Chargeback payer, Rebate Payer, Medicaid Payer and Government pricing. Ready-to-go EDI integrations makes go-live a snap. Complete cloud solution allows you to focus on your core business while FlowRocket takes care of IT of your data. The most economical solution out there in the market offering highest level of functionality that are custom and unique to your business. Switching the provider or manual processes will not cost you extra and yet will save your annual expense compared to your current or past years expense and that’s a guarantee we give, along with 100% satisfaction.

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EDI-ready chargeback verification solution is extremely cost effective. We saved a lot by switching. Contract Management is very simple to operate and has eliminated a lot of duplicate/manual data entries for us, and hence eliminated occasional human errors, saving a lot of time. Lot more capabilities to the platform that we were initially looking for. We have started automating a lot of internal processes for further efficiency gains. Service is outstanding.

Finance Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

end quote

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