Employee and Client Portals

FlowRocket’s employee and client portal software provides you with fast, simple and personalized service.

Employee portal software that we provide is a fully integrated digital HR and employee portal that centralizes the employees’ information and career development.

Employee and Client Portals are Preferred by Every Industry, Big or Small.

Employee portal software comes with:

  • An interactive and intuitive online profile that will help employees to determine their goals
  • HR portal strengthens the company via internal career development by ensuring employee satisfaction

Client portal software comes with:

  • Simple and convenient access to all the services needed by customers, as they use the products for a long period of time
  • Customers can have an access to all the resources including training videos, user manuals, setup instructions that customers will need before they start using your product

HR Software Solutions

  • Increases the efficiency of HR department and encourage employees to reach their potential while streamlining all processes offering end to end solutions that help retain their talent
  • Employees are provided with full access to the helpful HR content and self-service functionality, to live chat and case tracking which enhances employee service experience resulting into employee satisfaction level
  • With features such as self-service, case creation and automated workflow, it increases the workforce productivity and performance

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Help employees in a big way :

  • Employees can upload their skill sets, sign up for various learning courses, apply for vacancies as well as receive personalized suggestions
  • It also tracks the attendance of employees to make sure no one is taking unnecessary leave

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Client portal software:

  • Provides effective self service options to customers, which makes it easier to the end users to find what he/she is looking for
  • Create loyal customers which will allow them to ask questions, give suggestions, share experiences and engage with other users
  • With FlowRocket, you can create your own brand identity, with the complete end to end portal customization capabilities

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Great help to customers:

  • FlowRocket’s client portal can suggest solutions to the customers. They are presented with relevant knowledge based on their problem and can help to trouble shoot them with their intelligent solutions
  • Customer can easily register the product as per the information and serial number. Along with durable products customer can register license and software
  • Customer can easily ask for a support request if they are stuck somewhere. They can easily ask for assistance by adding pictures or videos, which will help the agents to resolve the issue quickly

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Our employees were already using the FlowRocket platform for their software development, QA, marketing, sales and support activities. Now, using the Employee portal module on the same platform has made it very easy for us. No more looking for memos, policies and manuals to search in emails. Health benefits, vacation management and company’s internal news are managed on employee portal. Our technical teams manage their Key Account Management over client portal giving them real-time updates into their projects and information share.

  Director, Human Resources, Software  Development Company

FlowRocket’s client portal was our answer to client files sharing securely over the cloud without jumping thru’ multiple systems. It is connected to our project management and has full security. Our client loves access to their information in real time. It has reduced lot of phone calls for us and acts like a self-serving portal. As clients and team members access information on cloud, it is convenient and not bound to office operation timing and people’s availability.

  President, Engineering Design Firm