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Comprehensive workflow automation for any business

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How We can Help You?

FlowRocket’s workflow management software and business process automation solutions are well suited for any industry and organizations of all sizes and complexities. To find out how a FlowRocket can benefit your organization, contact us or schedule a demo today. Our Business Process Automation consulting is provided for FREE, whether you use our solution or we recommend you use other more suitable solutions. Our goal is to double your productivity using TECHNOLOGY perio

Trusted Core Engine, Easy Configuration

Our industry and customer-specific workflow management software and business process solutions are based on the core business process management solution engine, but easily configured and enhanced to address unique industry and organizational best practices. This integrated, yet modular approach offers the benefits of custom-developed solutions without the high costs or lengthy development and implementation cycles normally associated with more custom deployments.

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Understanding Your Industry and You

FlowRocket’s iterative development approach and constant investment in understanding industry requirements, as well as our industry partnerships, ensures our solutions are well suited and on-trend with diverse industry business needs. FlowRocket also invests in getting to know the intricacies of our customers’ business processes and requirements on a one-to-one basis, ensuring FlowRocket solutions are well suited to your special needs.

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We felt much more comfortable and secured saving our financial, HR, sales, marketing, warehousing, products and operational data on FlowRocket platform than Google Drive. The role based and file level security on access was great and easy to manage. It was like File Explorer on steroid on cloud. The collaboration between teams and within entire company was very helpful boosting our productivity. Secure sharing and audit logs of accesses and downloads kept us to stay in compliance of record keeping. On-the-Desktop removed a huge risk of employees losing data or laptops, it backs up everything from laptop in real-time. Data or document loss is a thing from past for us. Thanks to FlowRocket!

  Managing Director, International Trading Company

The biggest thing for us was an ability to manage decisions from mobile devices. We were able to produce meaningful reports on service and training calls for our customers. Customers were happy with portal access and ability to get insight on the status of their calls. Tracking Root-Cause-Analysis and learning from history has reduced our operational and systems cost. Giving access to Knowledge Center to customers have reduced number of calls for us. FlowRocket have exceeded our expectations configuring their platform to accommodate our unique needs.

  Director, Operations & Service, Automation & Control System Solutions