Document Management

Look no further for your document storage and easy access from anywhere at any time on web or mobile.

Without worrying about excessive storage charges, backup, disaster recovery and worrying about management of multiple systems for CRM, project data, documents and email; save and organize all under unified business operating platform.

FlowRocket’s Document Management solution is your network drive on cloud integrated with your CRM, Workflows and Client Transaction data.

A centralized depot of electronic version of documents is created securely and automatically as you conduct business. Define structure of document storage and watch it build the repository on its own in collaboration. Fully secured with ability to define access at document level. Proprietary search mechanism lets you retrieve the document that you are looking for in a fraction of second from the storage of millions of documents.

Corporate Network Drive on Cloud

Create your document storage structure with the flexibility to change it and let it build organically by your team in collaboration. Define security with rules or as you wish at document level.

  • Fully secured storage on cloud
  • Ability to share securely with external parties
  • Complete audit trail of access and email notifications
  • Fully backed by rock-solid disaster recovery plan
  • Proprietary algorithm for Indexing and searching lets you search millions of documents of many different types in a fraction of second, even on your mobile
  • Ability to manage versions and eliminate redundant duplicity

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Organized by Clients, Accounts, Contacts, Projects and much more

Your documents are automatically organized and accessible in connection with many different entities on your FlowRocket Business Operating Platform. What a time-saver and easy would that be to conduct your business and make informed decisions quickly.

  • Notification on document access and update as per desire
  • Audit trail and live feed on various entities
  • Access same documents from multiple and relevant places without storing them multiple times
  • Maintain rule-based & role-based security as you wish
  • Create and operate Workflows on documents – a very powerful solution to store and organize documents with your business processes and transactions
  • Create rules to store important emails and their attachments automatically on your cloud storage

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On-the-Go! and On-the-Desktop!

On-the-Go! mobile application and On-the-Desktop! PC application play a crucial role in increasing your efficiency exponentially. File and access your documents at anytime from anywhere without even firing your laptop.

  • Full integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • File your emails and important client communication directly from Outlook
  • FlowRocket Drive on your PC allows you to synchronize your data automatically on cloud, keeping a backup for you
  • Create project-based share folders with colleagues
  • Tag your favorite documents and access them easily when they are updated by others in collaborative work environment
  • Proprietary document viewer allows you to break down PDF document into separate pages and lets you create worlfow on it with ease

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FlowRocket has been instrumental in keeping us organized. We used DropBox in the past, but switching to FlowRocket was the best decision that we had ever made in our IT department. Ability to keep projects and corporate document s on a same platform integrated with our project management has tremendously helped us maintaining documents with ease without keeping multiple copies everywhere and avoiding confusion. Versioning and audit trail capabilities are awesome. I could access documents from twenty years ago in under three seconds while I was on the beach, on my mobile phone without calling anyone in the office. That was exceptional.

  President, Engineering Design Firm

We felt much more comfortable and secured saving our financial, HR, sales, marketing, warehousing, products and operational data on FlowRocket platform than Google Drive. The role based and file level security on access was great and easy to manage. It was like File Explorer on steroid on cloud. The collaboration between teams and within entire company was very helpful boosting our productivity. Secure sharing and audit logs of accesses and downloads kept us to stay in compliance of record keeping. On-the-Desktop removed a huge risk of employees losing data or laptops, it backs up everything from laptop in real-time. Data or document loss is a thing from past for us. Thanks to FlowRocket!

  Managing Director, International Trading Company