Digitization and Automation

Get ahead of the competition with custom software solution that addresses all of the unique requirements for your industry. The solution can be tailored to your specific needs and demands, while keeping them in-time and in-budget.

IT Consulting Service

Our development process has evolved over the decades to support customization at each stage of software development. Our team has expertise in developing web enabled as well as desktop and mobile applications.

FlowRocket’s transparent processes will keep you updated about the latest software development at each stage of the development lifecycle. Transparency in processes help identify risks and other impediments at an early stage. It also keeps the budget in check without compromising quality.

Our dedicated team of highly talented engineers thrive on providing the best possible solution within your budgetary and time constraints. Right from requirements gathering to the delivery of the final solution, we maintain high-quality standards every step of the way.

Paperless Environment with Business Process Automation

Save Paper! Save Printers! Save Money! Save Time! Get Organized with FlowRocket!

  • Still operating with fillable PDFs or Forms and dealing with papers? We can help you digitize your processes and make an Evergreen system for you
  • Create a web-enabled System of Record with our ready to go modules
  • Stay compliant with fully secured information while automating your business processes
  • Choose from hundreds of existing process templates, customize them or create your own based on your processes
  • Leverage our state-of-the-art document management and document processing platform to speed up your business process automation project

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From Excel and Visual Basic to Web-enabled application over Relational Database

Move from Macros to Web-enabled Application! Work in collaboration rather than working in silo.

  • Are you stuck with Excel based process tracking? We can help you transition smoothly into collaborative work environment
  • Conversion of legacy data from Excel
  • Much improved web-enabled cloud application
  • Retain same look, feel and ease of use
  • Reporting, data analytics and full security of information

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From Lotus Notes to Web-enabled application

Retire and modernize your legacy Lotus Notes based clunky workflow and so-called DB system.

  • Leverage our expertise of converting numerous Lotus Notes based applications
  • Data Migration from Legacy Notes application
  • Replication and improvement to defined business processes
  • Better organization and searching of information as well as emails
  • Complete Outlook integration and Email Processing Automation

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Content Management Platform, Sitefinity based Development

Leverage your existing sitefinity platform by integrating with other systems.

  • Talk to us to discuss how we can help
  • We work with any designers to develop widgets for your CMS – Content Management System
  • We can help you create Sitefinity Widgets & Modules
  • We can integrate your website with your applications and create one system for you in record time and in record budget
  • From email campaigns to e-commerce integrated with your itefinity platform

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Data Warehousing and Embedded Analytics

Data is new Gold! Let us help you mine your Gold!

  • Analyze your data whether you want to stay compliant, reduce risk, improve efficiency or increase profitability
  • Define your Key Performance Indicators have them on your fingertips at all times
  • We can integrate with your existing systems and gather the much-needed business intelligence for you in seconds saving you hours and days in time and frustration
  • We can implement the customize Neural Network based Artificial Intelligence Engine for you
  • Track! Measure! Improve! – talk to us & see how we can help!

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Software Development

Bring your legacy application to modern platform. We can get you there faster and help you get in cruise control of your applications!

  • Every solution is custom per client’s unique needs
  • We meet for requirements gathering, analyze and optimize or work with your existing process
  • We confirm scope, create user stories and design assets
  • We build, test and deliver incrementally
  • We fully support, host and constantly refine as per your needs
  • No hardware, no software, no technical resources, no upfront technology investment, no risk of any kind – Pay per use!

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Very satisfied with the work team FlowRocket have done for us. Everything coming together for the show – really a great working with you guys.

  CEO, XYZ Company, UK

Great work done by team FlowRocket. Thanks and we look forward to working with you on future projects!

  CEO, XYZ Company, USA