Customer Relationship Management System

Rapidly growing unified Customer Relationship Management system seamlessly integrated with a marketing database, website, and internet leads, project management, internal workflows, and service call management!

FlowRocket’s customer relationship management software in the USA will gain more customers by converting leads and engaging with them to cater to the highest quality product and service that they are looking for, which will eventually lead to the retainment of customers and growth of profits in the enterprise. Track marketing audience, prospects, leads, and business on the same platform to transfer them effortlessly through marketing and sales funnel all the way to conversion. Track each of their activities and engagement centrally building the history of communication.

How customer relationship management software in USA will help you work more efficiently in less time?

Our highly effective customer relationship management software in USA consists of all aspects of customers from sales and marketing to customer service. This will eventually remove all the manual work and save up the time without missing any customer communication.

We create a digital tracking board for monitoring sales pipeline from marketing campaigns to lead generation and from leads to proposals. It also tracks activities from customer relationship management to opportunities cultivation. The visual representation of team activities help you understand and analyze your business growth better than ever before.

360 degree visibility of CRM and sales activities

Create your lead, connect to prospect and convert them into the client!

  • Invoicing right from the project management on completion of each milestone
  • Track calls, demos, emails, meetings, proposals and any other activities on clients or prospects in a collaborated environment in cloud
  • Create activity over business, contact, prospect or existing client’s lead or opportunity
  • Keep transparency within group as desired and stay on the same page
  • Create follow-up on the activity with a single click
  • Track activities on corporate calendar for greater communication

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New business leads management/tracking software

FlowRocket’s CRM easily points out the leads with highest probability.

  • Create and track lead on any prospect, web or phone inquiries through software
  • Import prospect databases from lists into same database though, keep them virtually separate
  • Automatically convert leads from website via leadfeeder or google analytics
  • Tracks leads for multiple businesses and multiple products, services or solutions in the same database
  • Track lead sources and draw your KPIs and measure success
  • Manage leads by owner and individual sales pipeline

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Opportunities tracking with existing clients

Best prospects for your products and services sales are your existing clients. Never ignore them. Communicate and listen to them carefully for exceptional service and cultivate new sales opportunities.

  • Serve them well and cross-sell or up-sell
  • Cultivate the opportunities thru’ qualification to meeting and thru’ quote to closure
  • Track any type of one-time, recurring, commission, etc. revenue as desired
  • Measure pipeline per individual or team with probability and forecast sales
  • Create followup on opportunity with a click and diary it for automatic reminder

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Corporate Addressbook

Maintain every bit of details, notes, client interests, social media profiles/activities, relationships and corporate intelligence on prospects to leverage in opportunities and sales. Populate and use this information in collaboration with sales, service, operations and development teams.

  • Corporate addressbook that allows information to be populated and used in collaboration or in independence, per data configuration
  • Import prospects from lists to run marketing campaigns or to track sales activities on
  • Maintain single source of data all for prospects, vendors and existing client contacts
  • Tools to clean and merge duplicate records on a regular basis
  • Maintain Client or Prospect contacts hierarchy and organization structure for inside intelligence
  • Monitor contacts’ social media activities inside addressbook for smart sales efforts

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FlowRocket On-the-go!& On-the-Desktop!

Access your Sales and Marketing activities on tables or smartphones using On-the-go! mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Complete database system for the road warriors in mobile app
  • Customer Relationship Management from mobile dashboard
  • Entire corporate address book, activities, tasks, to-dos, leads and opportunities
  • Search millions of documents including entire database without firing your laptop or calling assistant to search in file or folders
  • Manage service call tickets, workflows and work queues from mobile device
  • Take action when you have to at anytime from anywhere without technology restrictions
  • Never lose a document or email due to human error or hardware failure! On-the-Desktop will always keep a copy for you on FlowRocket platform

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Dashboards, KPIs and Reporting

Create custom dashboards using ready to go sales widgets. Take quick actions with access to visual representation of data in KPIs. 100’s of summary and detailed reports analyzing data with clicks.

  • Bird’s eye view of your CRM activities
  • Entire sales pipeline showing leads and opportunities with value, probability of winning and timeline
  • Sales/CRM activities by owner, by client, by timeline or any which way you like to see, at any-time from anywhere
  • Visual representations of data for quick overview with details on drill downs
  • Export data to PDF, Excel, CSV or simple text
  • Numerous possibilities of filtering, sorting and configuring your own reports

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Have been using FlowRocket CRM for a couple of years now and am recommending it to almost every company I come in contact with. Easy to set up sales pipeline, easy to use regardless of the level of IT capability of the users, and the mobile app rocks. Great friendly support as well.

  VP, Sales & Biz Dev, Mutual Insurance Company

FlowRocket CRM’s has been a powerful, customizable and reliable solution. Functionality, flexibility and support has enabled us to automate our marketing & sales processes, become more efficient with managing customer relationships and improve both performance and quality control. Customer support has been excellent.

  Chief Executive Officer, Financial Software Company