Custom Dashboards and KPIs

FlowRocket’s business KPI dashboard software will let you visualize all your data to life.

KPI has become an integral part of any business strategy and it is considered in all the strategies to enhance the growth and flourishment. KPI dashboard will understand the complexity of data and transform it into a clear, simple and graphical view of your performance.

Custom KPI Dashboard Enables You to Take Decisions Based on Real Performance Data.

Stay updated with the critical production metrics or important revenue measures which impacts the important decision of your business. A visual presentation makes everything crystal clear will help you to enhance your decision power.

Understands Everyone

  • It is designed in a way which even a layman can understand
  • A visually appealing interactive graphs has been prepared by drawing from various sources
  • Within few clicks, an interactive and transparent view is built which provides at a glance information for everyone

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Keep Up with Competitive Advantage

Data in real-time is needed to stay competitive and also to effectively track and improve business performance. Other such important features are of KPI are:

  • Customize as per your requirement
  • Templates and extensive library
  • Analytics function to discover the basic cause
  • Mobile app available to keep you ready on the go
  • Presentation as well as full-screen mode

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Dashboard KPIs and reporting

  • Bird’s eye view of your entire operation and details as needed
  • Hundreds of reports and Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) to work with
  • Unlimited possibilities of creating custom dashboards for each user by preference
  • Ready to go dashboards by different roles in the organization
  • Visual representation of data for quick overview with details on drill downs
  • Export data to PDF, Excel, CSV or simple text
  • Numerous possibilities of filtering, sorting and configuring your own reports

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Managing work of over 500 employees, keeping customer satisfaction level high and growing business would not have been possible without FlowRocket Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators. Directors, managers, team leads and individual contributors could set their own dashboards from the bank of 100’s of widgets. Key Performance Indicators have allowed us to maintain the highest productivity and set goals for future. Graphical presentations with drilled-down details is extremely effective for executive overview to management details. Sometimes, I wonder how did we manage to do things before FlowRocket. Technical staff is very helpful in coaching us, how to configure custom dashboards for each role in our organization.

  VP, Sales & Operations, Accounting & Bookkeeping Firm

To review my business,  what personally took me almost ten hours and numerous hours  for managers every week, takes 20 minutes of my review and nothing for my managers. FlowRocket dashboards and KPIs do it it all. Sales, Operations, Underwriting and Claims teams have their own custom dashboards and Visual charts automatically generated in real-time without crunching any data in Excel or putting information from various reports together to perform their day to day activities and management. A MUST solution that any growing insurance company needs for actionable insights.

  Chief Executive Officer, Mutual Insurance Company