FlowRocket for Consulting and Services

Prosper your consultation business with FlowRocket’s all in one business operating program.

Projects, services, reports, documents, clients all are maintained under one program to make your work easier and more efficient. Also it will help you to make efficient and effective decisions.

FlowRocket Comprises of Amazing and Best Project Management Tool to Take Care of All Departments:

  • Client/project management
  • Service call tracking
  • Enterprise wise document management system
  • Client invoicing and vendor billing
  • Employee expense report tracking and corporate intranet

Best project management software to befit your requirements.

  • Configurable end-user collaborative database with Kanban System, Configurable and flexible Scrum boards and Agile Approach
  • Designed to meet the maximum advantage of the most ideal combination of Kanban, Scrum boards and Agile Approach
  • WIP can be configured based on your organization’s project management approach
  • In Built Agile approach based project management tools
  • Plan, Organize and manage your team’s work from start to finish
  • In Built Scrum board with flexible customizable fields, define priority, due date and other important labels to tailor your board to specific expectations
  • Dragging the specifics across the board through the life cycle of Project
  • Designed to meet the most of the perfect combination of Kanban System, Scrum Boards and Agile Project Management Approach

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Service call tracking and auto assignment of tickets:

  • Queue system on each error identified or service call by QA team or end user
  • Automated Ticketing and queue system based on email and/or fax
  • Visibility of Open Tickets and Resource Allocation
  • Automated responses to the end user on progress of the ticket
  • Categorization of support tickets in various different measurable KPIs like, lack of training to the end user, lack of requirement analysis and/or development training issues
  • Auto assignment of tickets to the team based on Client, skill set of team, classification of ticket

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Accurate template based financial reports, audit reports and tax paperwork to build a resilient business!

  • Ready to go templates for all sort of Documentation for Business Requirement Documents, Functional Requirement Documents, Ticket Resolution Email or Notice, Employee Notices, etc.
  • Ability to generate custom proposal and engagement letters based on your format over your letterhead unique for your local offices
  • Ready to go template for Service Call Reporting
  • Ready to go Client introduction letter template with many more business communication related document templates
  • Ability to create and upload custom template for any document for accuracy, consistency and process implementation
  • Template based automated Business Requirement Document (BRD) and Functional Requirement Document (FRD)

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Enterprise wise Document Management System to organize your documents as well as e-mails securely.

  • You receive many of different documents from your different clients. It is a Laborious but equally essential job to sort and allocate all the documents to respective clients’ document repository.
  • It is also a challenge to sort and store the processed documents in most easily accessible manner in least time.
  • More than 40% of time for any document processing tasks is spent behind sort and store the documents.
  • We automate and digitize these hassles off your shoulders.
  • No server, no storage space required.
  • 100% secured and encrypted data warehouse.
  • Manages document approval, digital signature and filing workflow
  • Integrated with Outlook, Notes, Adobe, RightFax, OpenText, IBM FileNet, any networked scanner(s)
  • Digitally sorted, indexed, secured and accessible documents at your finger tips
  • Accessible anytime from anywhere
  • Creating and storing custom meta-data fields on files and documents for intelligent searching and drawing business analytics
  • Proprietary content search over millions of documents returning google type search results
  • Create task over any document and easily share with other users for effective tracking and completion
  • Share documents with outsiders securely via web link with expiration date and track the activity on share or re-share
  • Full capability in FlowRocket’s mobile app puts your entire business in your pocket.

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  • Invoicing right from the project management on completion of each milestone
  • Time and Service based invoicing
  • Time/Service and Inventory combined invoicing
  • Generate, circulate invoicing
  • Generate template based Customer Statement for your clients
  • Multi user approval process for Accounts Receivable transactions
  • Update the payment records by customer by invoice
  • Seamless scheduled as well as on demand integration with client QuickBooks file for all financial records processed in FlowRocket’s program.
  • Generate, Reconcile and Analyze Accounts Receivable Reports and Customer Statements

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Vendor billing:

  • Receive all vendor bills at one place with one designated email address for all your vendors
  • Process each vendor bill with all business and accounting details
  • Assign and Tag client project on the bill or part of the bill
  • The bill documents are linked (attached) with each vendor bill processed
  • Multi user approval process for Accounts Payable transactions
  • Approve and Update the payment records by vendor by bill
  • Seamless scheduled as well as on demand integration with client QuickBooks file for all financial records processed in FlowRocket’s program.
  • Generate, Reconcile and Analyze Accounts Payable Reports and Vendor Statements.

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Expense report management

  • Create expense reimbursement request and report by employee by project
  • Multi user approval process for expense reimbursement
  • Add the billable expenses to client invoicing for the project assigned to
  • Automatic add the expenses on employee’s next payroll processing workflow
  • Seamless scheduled as well as on demand integration with client QuickBooks file for all financial records processed in FlowRocket’s program.

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Time tracking

  • Real Time and live time tracking by dragging your assigned task on your scrum board
  • Auto update the daily Time Sheet (Progress Entry) for each employee by client, project and tasks
  • Billable, Non-billable, idle time allocation and tracking
  • Org Chart based Time Sheet Approval
  • Automated Time allocation and reporting based on people, project and documents.
  • Automated Time Sheet submission of your resources
  • Vacation Planning

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Human resource management:

  • New Hire Inductions
  • Corporate Intranet with HR Policies, SOPs for different Processes and other important information about organization
  • Real Time Visibility of your Team Schedule through FlowRocket’s program.
  • Smart Team Allocation and Resource Planning
  • Allocation, Scheduling and shuffling of resources with in different projects from anywhere depending on deadline, expertise and schedule of your team simply by dragging people’s profile on your scrum board
  • Real Time visibility of idle resources
  • Integrated with Accounting and Payroll Software
  • Real Time, On-demand visibility of “Not Started” and “In Progress” tasks for all clients
  • Real Time, Time and Cost tracking by Client, Project and Employee(s)

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Workflow automation:

  • Database driven collaborative workflow engine
  • Efficient and accurate automated document processing workflow
  • Workflow based easy and efficient QA
  • Helpdesk Ticket Management
  • Customizable, Flexible and Scalable Workflow Engine
  • You can customize and create any specific workflow depending on requirement for any specific client.

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CRM for consulting services:

  • Comprehensive and fully integrated Service Call Tracking
  • Track client Issues & Defects
  • Manage Enterprise Contents
  • Collaborate and maintain transparency with corporate calendar beyond Outlook
  • Complete Microsoft Office Integration
  • Create and Customize Work Queues
  • Create and Customize Workflows
  • Automation on email filing, execution and work creation
  • Corporate Intranet
  • Companywide Chat
  • Real time Activity Feed to all for instance activity updates
  • 100% Secure, Compliant and fully configurable to achieve any type of customization

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Resource Management abilities on FlowRocket platform is outstanding. We have minimized our down-time and maximized our billability to highest ever since inception. Generating invoices on time and material projects is instant compared to weeks delays earlier, which has helped us improve the cashflow.

 Project Manager, Engineering Consulting Firm

After evaluating at least ten other systems, we ended up getting a hold of FlowRocket. And, we were hooked instantly. Since using FlowRocket CRM, we’ve increased our conversion rate by 80%. It’s kept the deals in front of me and helped me improve our sales process. This system is easy, transparent and lots of automation saves time! Leading indicators help us keeping project deliveries on time and within budget. Client and employee satisfaction has gone up as well. I recommend FlowRocket to everyone.

 Chief Executive Officer, Leading Management Consulting Firm